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  1. What do you mean by reuploaded? They're are still the same :( and the same problem persists (Alarm clock app and Poweramp turning off by themselves). I remember previous versions not doing this, Thank you anyways :p
  2. Hey there, I've been using this ROM you provided, but since I flashed it, my Alarm app keeps turning itself off, whanever I turn my screen off. And sometimes while using Poweramp, it closes itself too, stopping the music. I've never had this issues before. And next time, change the boot animation, that one is kinda creepy :).
  3. So huh, for a while now I realized that I never got my GPS to work on my phone. Whenever I turned gps on, it appears a "Searching for Gps" notification on my notification bar, and it stays there. My signal is excellent so I don't know what's the problem. I usually flash alot of Roms, and am currently using CM10, and yeah, I already checked/unchecked all options under Settings/Locations So, I would like you to help me on this problem, to figure out if the problem is with my phone, or with my operator.
  4. I read that long time ago, nothing useful there. Just that Baidu Browser is the only one browser that I tested that prompts me.
  5. So, i usually watch an enormous amount of videos online, on websites besides youtube. Many browsers use their own player to play these videos, or use the default phone player. So Im wondering if its possible to somehow change this option, and make it prompt me which player to run. I can do this on Baidu Browser. But not on anything else. I actually think this is possible on other browsers but not sure how to do it, as my main browser is Dolphin, and its kind of annoying to switch browsers just to watch videos using my Mx Player. Thanks.
  6. worg3

    Which Rom?

    GB Roms for hard gaming and performance. ICS Roms for regular use, with a good balance in stability and performance. JB Roms for new features. If she's a girl, then I recommend an ICS Rom, as probably all the games she wants to play ain't that demanding. Some of the most well known ICS Roms, are CM9, Stock+ and Slim v13
  7. Well, is there anyway to get the volume expandable menu? I really want it, because you can only change the media volume when it's actually using it. And that's a pain.
  8. worg3

    Best ROM?

    I actually was questioning myself on which ROM is better with games. I've tried many like SLIM, CM9, CM10, Stock+, Baidu, MIUI and so on. But I can't distinguish which performs better. As I lag in some games that in another ROM I don't. And vice-versa.
  9. So, if 3G doesn't work for you, the only solution is to change to another ROM right?
  10. This might sound really stupid, but. How do I open the app drawer?
  11. It's normal. I learnt that, because technologies always lie. E.g When you buy a pen-drive with like 4GB or more. It always comes with less. like 3.7GB and that. RAM is the same, but part of it is designed to run other services.
  12. worg3

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    When I'm using this ROM, and in a call, the other person always complain about not hearing me well. That does not occur when i'm on other ROM's. Any solution?
  13. Remember to tell us how it goes. So we can do the same :P
  14. Hmm, Is there anyway to remove the Baidu's News Homescreen (the leftmost homescreen).
  15. I'm using CM9, and Jetpack Joyride doesn't lag at all. Temple Run 2 lags a little. Final Fantasy III and Dimensions, and Chaos Rings 1 working fine, smooth. Mandora, Cytus working fine aswell. (Though I doubt anyone knows about these games) Vector, it's playable, but does NOT run at normal speed. So it lags. Cordy 2 runs smooth (at first level, don't know about the others) Where's My Perry and Pudding Monsters are running fine aswell. Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery, runs fine.

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