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  1. Thanks for everything man! You can install SoundWire and use the phone as a "wifi sound card" B-)
  2. Nope, you're not even using those 2MB B-)
  3. You have to change 2 values, just search for "lcd_density" in "build.prop". Edit: If nothing else works: 1. Copy the file to sdcard 2. Edit the copied file 3. Delete the original 4. Copy it from sdcard to system..
  4. I use "Perfect Keyboard", very small, fast, and customisable, you can delete the original and save a lot of space (if you don't need spell checking and stuff) B-) Also, you can use "Lightning Launcher" which takes up about 300 KB and delete Trebuchet :D It's highly customisable/fast :) The only thing I would like to have is patched Google Play Store that won't periodically update itself to newer version.
  5. Damn Google, you can't sign in to (old) Gtalk anymore in KitKat :( I hate it when they're forcing me to use their newer software :(
  6. I've checked both you last builds (cm-11-20140829-UNOFFICIAL-skate.zip and pa_skate-4.5-20140829.zip), they both have Home button wrong mapped. If you scroll the Home Screen and then go to Drawer, you can see some artifacts while zooming. In PA, you can change row and column numbers to 10, but in CM to 8. Can I change this somehow to 10 or more? How can we change the Dock to have more than 5 icons, remove Dock Divider...? If anyone needs more space, you can delete Google+ and, Email... everything you don't use, you can save a lot of space. Performance is AWESOME in both, maybe better in CM. It feels really smooth even in 160 DPI. B-) B-) B-)
  7. Did you format system, data...? System partition large enough?
  8. Something strange happened in AOSPA 4.5, the Home button won't go home or show recent programs, instead it selects something from the menu. Besides that, it really works nice and smooth!! Maybe it's a keeper! B-) Edit: The number of Row and Columns in Launcher can be increased to 10 which is super! :)
  9. Everything works. Animations are a bit choppy (compared to 4.1.2). Ellejentara Instead of int2ext, try link2sd (it works).
  10. Hooray! Is there a way to tweak the TouchScreen response? Very often it interprets click as a scroll. Is there a threshold setting? Hope you understand what I was trying to say :D Cheers! Edit: This touch problem seems more apparent when you lower your DPI (I'm using 160-170 dpi).
  11. Any way to make gapps that won't auto-update itself? :)
  12. Hahahaha the forum writes "SPAM" if you write "DOWNL0AD GAPPS ZlP" xD
  13. Clean install, I don't know why this happens, I've tried it again and it's the same. 200MB system. If everyone else is ok, then I'm doing something wrong, I'll download the files again, maybe my gapp zip got corrupted!
  14. Google Play stopes working every time the phone boots. Wifi networks did not show on the first boot.
  15. http://dagobah.net/flashswf/thank_you.swf Let's see what it's like! :)

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