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  1. At first i dont use the gapps of the topic, i use PA-GOOGLE GAPS, but not working. After i try to use the gapps of modaco. Not working with Cm 11, but working with Hybrid Beta 1. Mini
  2. I have the same probleme. When i use the google app with CM11, I always get an error saying Insufficient space in the system partition". BUT When i use the Hybrid rom beta 1, it's working ! I dont understand why.... Any idea ? Ty for help ! Mini
  3. hi guys, eguibs is my freind and he wanted to help me so i coming from myself to ask for help. i give you a picture of my issue. I followed this topic http://www.modaco.com/topic/356806-guide-quick-way-from-stock-gb-23x-to-ics-b934-or-to-cm10-jb/ and lot of over to install official ICS update. Every time i have the same error (picture). Do you have some ideas ? THX ! I love U ! :)
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