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  1. hy, i have a problem with default stroge setting, when i reboot the phone it turns to build in stroge, not to sd card, i have the latest infusion.
  2. tillaz thanks this f*cking awesome ROM!!!!
  3. I give a try to the rom based on galaxy s3
  4. Is it good to just flash this from infusion, and it good for u8815
  5. is there any way to reinstall the tester menu to isable the dual mic(coz i dont have time to falsh with an opffical rom, and flash back with this)
  6. Hy guys i have a little problem, When i call somebody, the screen turns off, and i cannot end the call.... Can somebody help me?
  7. I think so, mainly i can't stabd the installation process, whan i have to click abou 1000 to finish all installs... :D
  8. Installed succesfully:D thanks tillaz
  9. i have downloaded it, and i've installed it, but it is Infusion B934 Beta 1 B01(2012.06.13 16:00:00)
  10. where can i download the B04, i installed the os from the first, but it is B01
  11. OTA doesn't work for me, it says i have a bad phone and infusion combo
  12. Yes i find them, but the stock in GB was better
  13. is there any way to install the power saver app(it was incuded in the stock 2.3.6)...

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