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  1. just tried this, no luck still stuck in dfu mode :(
  2. t4z3r

    please i need help

    Hi mate i got the same problem as you had....stuck in DFU mode Flash firmware Download this file, which contains the ZTE flasher along with firmware to flash your phone with, and unzip it somewhere convenient. Run “Flasher.exe” from the extracted folder. Press the exclamation mark and login as administrator with the password “ZTEsmt123”. Under “SW Directory”, select the correct firmware folder inside the extracted folder (European Gen1 firmware or Chinese v880 Gen2 firmware). ONLY flash the one appropriate for your phone. Leave the default settings as they are – “download cefs” ticked, “no backup restore” selected, and “download” selected. Go to the “Option” menu and select “Port Config”. Set line 1 to the COM port that you observed in step 3, then press OK. Press the purple arrow next to line 1 and wait for your phone to be flashed. When finished it should boot into FTM mode. Cannot get into FTM mode (after using flasher screen stays black even after rebooting How did you manage it? Anyone else any ideas? Thanks in advance

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