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  1. Issues so far: Lost cell network once. Had to reboot. Played Asphalt 7 and it froze almost immediately. Battery pull required. Known bluetooth issues. Seems a little slower getting keystrokes from the keyboard Other than that compared to CM9.1, Battery life is good. Close to the CM9.1 one Smoother navigation between screens
  2. Hey daz, a question. Is the notification bar gpu accelerated? I turned on "force gpu rendering" and I'm getting better smoothness when pulling the notification bar in some areas like when I'm on settings app.
  3. I'm not trying to bash you, daz. I'm just showing a comparison. Just wanted you to be aware. Thanks for confirming.
  4. So, after my yesterday's post I said I would report about the battery. Remind that I downgraded my R7 to R3 keeping all my installed apps so my app usage "ecosystem" is the same. Battery stats report 1 exact day and the phone still has 60% remaining battery. With R7 it would have 0%. Try it for yourself :)
  5. Sorry I know there are more under the hood changes and other fixes for things I don't/didn't use. I was just being silly :P
  6. You did not understand my point of view. The best feature + battery lifetime combo is with R3. R7 only has battery statistics compared to R3. If you value battery statistics more than battery life time itself is up to you.
  7. So, two weeks earlier I was using R3 and got an amazing 3 days of battery. Did little usage for the first 2 days and then some heavy usage on the last day. I was impressed this phone could get so much from the battery. Now in the last two releases (R6 and R7) the battery never goes beyond 24 hours even with little usage. I did not test the new CM10.1 release but looking at the comments it seems the battery is even worse and there are the typical issues or other ones. I'm back to CM9.1 R3 and will report later about the battery. But based on my past experiences with CM9 and CM10 releases, CM9.1 R3 from Dazz is the best cyanogenmod stable release ever for this phone with the smoothest experience with all features working (hw acceleration for video playback, all hw working properly) combined with the best battery performance. Just my opinion :P
  8. Hey daz, I think the new "Updated BCMDHD (wifi kernel module) code to android-3.0 (experimental)" is draining the battery like crazy when wifi is on. I'm not really sure about this but the last days with R7 it seems I'm getting much less battery. Battery stats reports 38% usage by wifi.
  9. The cause for this is simple. It takes too long to check the card because there are too many directories/files in it to check. This issue also happened to me. The trouble maker of so many directories/files is the new backup format from cwm6. It's better because it uses less space than the old cmw but it creates thousands of directories/files to do it and makes the check for errors on boot for the sdcard pretty slow. To solve this, I changed the backup format to "tar" and removed all the cwm backups. It takes a lot of sdcard space (one backup took 1GB) but it doesn't create hundreds or thousands of files. The cwm dev team should bring back the backup format from older versions. :(
  10. Smoothness from R3 is back or it is even better. The best rom and release for the phone. Thanks! :D
  11. Just tested. Facebook website still crashes when trying to login and the notification bar is not as smooth as on cm9 R3. Full Wipe including /system format. Gonna try CM9 R6. Still, good work daz
  12. Hello, Do you find the touch sensitivity and notification bar sliding as smooth as on CM9 R3 ? Because CM9 R5 and any CM10 roms it was not as smooth.
  13. I recommend changing the minimum cpu speed to 320Mhz like it is in stock roms because 245Mhz set in this rom is a bit low and can cause phone unlock lag. For maximum speed I use 1152Mhz but some people are using 1190Mhz and 1228Mhz. From my experience 1228Mhz and above the phone may become unstable and slower.
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