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  1. Thanks for confirming. It was strange. Mine was showing USB under Settings--> Battery while charging using AC wall charger. Then I cleared Battery Status in CWM and now it is showing AC under Settings--> Battery, while charging using wall Charger :)
  2. Hi KonstaT, It looks like below issue fixed by you: 6.1.2013 changelog: fixed charger mode detection is reappeared in this 29.3 ROM. When you charge phone using AC charger, the Setting --> Battery shows it is being charge using USB instead of AC. This slows down the process of phone charging. I am not sure what other side efects of this issue are. Could you please check and fix this issue. Thanks in advance.
  3. Yes. This new Superuser is from Koush merged into CM10.1 --> http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/32957/ But does it mean that now you have two Superuser apps? One under System and another as part of App Drawer? In that case which Superuser App has preference?
  4. Do we need to first uninstall existing Superuser application before upgrading with this new update?
  5. What a pleasant surprise by including FM Radio support in this 4.2.2 ROM :o Thanks a lot KonstaT and Daemond. Really appreciate your efforts :) Now we have fully functional JB 4.2.2 ROM on our Blade :D
  6. Sorry for my misunderstanding. I thought below changes from CM10.1 regarding FM Radio support http://review.cyanog....org/#/c/31139/ http://review.cyanog....org/#/c/30657/ Which you have reverted on 11​.2.2013 changelog: reverted commits (1,2) that caused 'Process system isn't responding' issue on every reboot But above issue is fixed in below patch for CM10.1: http://review.cyanog....org/#/c/32554/ Along with FM Radio App support made by Daemond for CM10 with his great efforts will make implementation of FM Radio in this CM10.1 (4.2.2) ROM feasible with minimal efforts. Never mind KonstaT. Really Appreciate your efforts for this ROM :) Probably Daemond could take this FM Radio work on CM10.1 (4.2.2) forward :P
  7. Hi KonstaT, Looking forward to see working FM Radio App with this CM10.1 ROM very soon :)
  8. Fantastic Daemond. Final milestone for complete functionality on Blade achieved by adding FM Radio. Congrats and really appreciate your efforts for this. :)
  9. Hi KonstaT, Hoping to see FM Radio support and App on Blade soon? :)
  10. Is this also merged ? http://review.cyanog....org/#/c/32228/ (camera: SoftHDR: Use parallel processing)
  11. Hi KonstaT, Whether HDR Camera functionality added today by CM10.1 is of any use on our Blade?
  12. Hi KonstaT, Could you please look at below mentioned changes from Daemond regarding FM Radio functionality and include it in CM10.1 ROM: ========================================================================================================= daemond, on 21 February 2013 - 08:43 AM, said: Regarding FM, it basically works fine now, but there are some strange issues with audio routing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... and if it does not work, triggering some other kind of audio playback makes it work. That's probably a bug in the Blade's libaudio, and it likely doesn't only affect FM radio. Also, ZTE's si4708 driver is a piece of crap. It's not only written in an odd style and with horrible formatting, but while cleaning it up a bit I already found two bugs - wrong band selection, and incorrect channel spacing mask. Both are fixed now. I also added an important missing feature, de-emphasis setup.This should improve audio quality a bit. Oh, and seeking should be faster now. I have pushed all changes to the kernel and device repos. ======================================================================================================= Thanks in advance :)
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