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  1. tiktok1

    Secure messaging coming to CyanogenMod

    With the recent revelations that the NSA has co operated with google and written 'security' code for Android, how secure are any of these apps now if 850,000 + emloyees are able to access the info ?
  2. tiktok1

    BARGAIN WATCH: Sony Xperia P @ £149.99

    Does this come with an unlocked bootloader ?
  3. I've deliberated over this for a while, the main attraction is the price and stock ROM. The main detraction is the sealed battery and fixed memory (for me) and size. I don't need the latest and fasted phone, but I would like the stock ROM or even better Cyanogen which it will have soon. But, but the size, fixed battery and memory...
  4. tiktok1

    Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL Review

    Apart from the lack of Bluetooth 4, this phone looks excellent. I've just been trying a galaxy sIII and its too large for one handed operation. I have reasonably large hands and I can't reach the top of the screen to pull down the notification bar unless I readjust my grip on the phone - how does this phone handle one handed ? I was thinking going for 4.3" screen, but if this works then I'm interested.
  5. tiktok1

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Interesting phone and review. Is there an LED for missed texts/calls ?
  6. tiktok1

    China brands - what do you want to see

    I think picking a few that stand out for more in depth coverage would be great. I'd be interested in the Huawei U8836D (MT6577) as a starter suggestion !
  7. tiktok1

    What will be your next Android phone and why?

    I'm with sixedup (post 55) for my requirements, although I would add the need for an LED for notification of missed calls, sms, email etc and a qood quality screen. At the moment I'm using a Desire S with CM 7.2 stable, which fits everything on the list for the moment apart from processor, although am sort of looking for something a bit faster. Had a blade before that which was fine, but the screen and no LED made me upgrade.

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