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  1. Does it matter which version of superuser should be flashed? (the RC or the stable release?)
  2. If you're on wifi that'll be the problem with disconnects, refresh app cache and restart on a 3g connection and it'll work.
  3. Some wifi issues with this, works fine on 3g after a clear cache.
  4. The 2030 baseband was added from the android 4.0 b926 update, if you are on gingerbread (2.3) you really need to follow the other guide for installing 4.0 first before you can do later builds of ics and jb as that will put you on the baseband.
  5. While it does mention audio routing may be off it doesn't mention the only thing working is the loud speaker. Both the headset and normal speaker don't appear to work at all even when phone is on silent it's routing any audio from calls straight to the loud speaker.
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