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  1. Look in the dev-host links on first page, y300 goes back further than g510. Any 4.4.2 should do it but bare in mind they're a year old so some features may be missing.
  2. I recall reverting to an ealier version of slimkat for this very reason (white boxes). I think it was slimkat 4. Anything after that has white boxes.
  3. Way better than g510, knock on screen to wake is the best idea ever. Lg have included a few things that normally require a custom rom or third party app e.g. spoken text, % battery in status bar. Remote control/ ir blaster is handy but a little limited, camera is decent, screen is ok but color is a little "washed".notification dropdown is different but quite useful. I paid £160 for the lg but when you consider the g510 was £140+£10 topup it's not too bad, certainly better spec. Rooted easily with towelroot, not yet unlocked bootloader as i'm happy with stock at the moment.
  4. No sorry must have been an older version, down loading now will test and get log.
  5. Tried latest for g510, nfc in settings is grayed out, can check and uncheck nfc but Other 2 do nothing. Nfc still not working. Also internal and external sd cards could not be mounted so I could not install terminal and get a logcat. People are interested, it's just not everyone has time to experiment. Keep up the good work.
  6. Back on cm11 now, i just did a quick test while on dinner break. I will try later when I don't need my phone so much.
  7. I don't think nfc is working, it won't detect my bank card which it does on stock rom.
  8. That would be great i've been trying for ages but It won't work, I think Huawei did something weird. This is as far as I got
  9. Gps was off at the time. The app Android OS used 15% of battery in 10 minutes and kernel tweaker showed the device never entered deep sleep.
  10. Finally got it working on g510, as smooth as slimkat or cm11. Also couldn't get gps to work with Google maps but It did work with gridref app. Androidos used 15% of battery in 10 minutes. Overall a very nice rom, lots of custom settings. I will try again when i have more time to let things settle and mess around a bit more but need my phone for now. Many thanks.
  11. Installed on g510, Just get "process phone has stopped "looks like a good rom, shame i cant get passed this. Many thanks.
  12. Do we have call recording? http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/69850/ Can we activate it? Many thanks :-P
  13. @Chil360 I've just restored a backup of slimkat 4 (31/03/2014) and the browser displays images perfectly, no white boxes. Zooming in and out is also fine. What's changed with the browser since then?
  14. I'm on 6. 2 and just noticed I can't add contacts to favorites, otherwise all good so far.
  15. In build. Prop change.. Ro. Telephony. Call ring delay from 3000 to 0 Also if you have a custom tone on the external sd move it to internal storage. My phone rings and screen wakes up together on the second ring.
  16. Just tried cm11 of daz and it's the same, for me anyway. I think since kitkat Google would prefer us to use chrome and not stock but Chrome is slow.
  17. I have a problem with the stock browser, whenever I exit the browser say to choose a picture to addto a post, it lets me choose but Goes back to the default homepage. So I can't add a screenshot to a reply for instance. Anyone know why?
  18. Settings _interface_battery choose icon and %( jb style ) i think.
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