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  1. Btw, dead phone gets lit for milisec when attached to PC and Windows7 sees it as unknown device and Windows XP as USB device. Both can't find drivers for it.
  2. Nope, it doesn't react with or without battery when plugging in charger, or pressing power button.
  3. And another one dead after latest nightly. Something is gone very wrong with it, I think it is the fourth time.
  4. The only problem I found is video playback in yt and video player (mx).
  5. Yeah, but I saw people reporting on superfast and usable stock camera app. By the way, can't seem to find notification toggles, just a way to add quick settings tiles to notification drawer. Is this changed or am I to stupid to find it?
  6. I don't see any changes in stock camera app (still slow and green). Everything else works as expected. Great job, Daz!
  7. A friend of mine asked me to set his SGS3 up. He already has SGS2 with google account on it, but he cant remember his password. Is there a way to backup these settings on old phone and copy them on new one?
  8. I would love to see Paul's update on this topic. When you find the time.
  9. My s/n is different than the one on the phone sticker. It is the same as the WiFi-MAC address except the las number is greater by one. I force updated from CM 10.1 to B952 with update.app and tried restoring IMEI with 5irom Toolbox but s/n is still the same. My IMEI is ok anyways. Is there a way to revert s/n to original one?
  10. I never said I had 3g problems, but battery drain problem when on wifi or 3g. I'm really tired of going through this all again. We have guys here reporting of gmail fc or reverting to R3 and solving reboot problems and we all know that R3 is the version that loses network. The point is that this ROM works except for the batt drain. Everything else is in the "solving personal problems" area. Besides that, both CM10 and CM10.1 change serial number of the phone, so that is something to think about. The number under the battery and the number in sys info are different. @ dubitoergosum I was on B960->CM10.1 R1 and then reverting to R1 after trying R2 and later R3. After clean install of R4 (reformatting SD card and internal SD, doing all wipes) I installed gapps and link2int zip mod from Cyda. After first boot I immediately enabled link2sd to install my apps on internal SD and that's it.
  11. I installed CM 10.1 and when I set up my phone I skipped the part with Google Wallet at the begginig. How can I set it up now without having to do factory reset?
  12. Then stop quoting me, giving me grammar lessons I didn't make, and being pissed off because I confirmed that this ROM is working.
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