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  1. I have an expected issue with this great ROM. Yesterday I experienced a random reboot, after that all my ringtones were set to default ones (but i changed them back easily). Also my wallpaper changed to the default one, I can change it to my wallpaper, but in the lockscreen it doesn't change. I searched in settings for options, but I didn't find anything that helps. I also updated the rom with a system format (don't suggest me to do a wipe data, i won't do :D ) but nothing changed! Any suggestion? LS Wallpaper is horrible!
  2. Yes, I have it! http://www.mediafire.com/download/5o7yy88totic4yl/Synopsis_Kernel_Cm11_11-07.zip
  3. I'm on carbon ROM 4.4.4, and it boots normally. I downloaded it this morning, so it's the old 11-07 version. For me it's working very well!
  4. It works fine! :) Just joking! In order to use it you have to disable halo and in the recent panel long press an app, if I remember clearly!
  5. This night i left my phone on, but it doesn't entered deep sleep mode (with slim it does), and the battery has gone from charged to 80%! How can i solve this? P.s. Sorry for the double post!
  6. Thank you for your work! Tring it, seems good, but slower than other roms! Thank you again!
  7. Any news? I'm very anxious to install this ROM because I never tried PAC-Roms, so...sorry if i'm boring you!
  8. I'm trying to figure out what mp is, but with my unknowledge of English I can barely write 2 correct words, just imagine abbreviation! :) Now the problem is what mp is!
  9. I have to report a bug (I do not know if it has been reported yet): when I try to increase the minimum speed of the clock, everything works rightly, otherwise, when i try to reduce the max speed it always return to the maximum! Thanks for your answer in advance, and sorry if it's an already known bug!
  10. Thank you for your answer, if i am in the case of device with no working touch, how could i turn back to orginal firmware?
  11. Hi all folks, I'm quite newbie with this phone, and i'm not sure if this is the right place for my question (I do not want to open yet another thread)! I wanted to install this rom, i've not touched my phone yet, so i'm on b174 stock firmware, i bought the phone on amazon! I read somewhere (i'm quite sure also here) that there is a new type of device with a different touch which doesn't work with touch recoveries and also cooked roms. So here is the question: is my phone the one with problems to touch? If yes, is there any way to overcome this problem! I also have other big/little questions: Which official firmwares with this device can i install? Which firmware should i have installed before unlock bootloader and change rom? I had some questions to ask but don't remember them at the moment! Damn it :) I thank you all for the patience and how it's used to be said: "Sorry for my very bad English!"
  12. I can say to you that my MT take the rain 2 times, and both times e work perfectly but touch don't! I don't know how much is wet your phone, but I turned off the phone opened, token off the battery and the sim, let it there a night, and at the morning I restarted the phone, which worked perfectly! I don't know if this can help you, but I hope it will! Sorry for my English!
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