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  1. Check if you have wifi scan always active. (wifi - settings- advanced). Do not allow google to search for wifi networks. Also reporting location to google and location history activated eat up a lot of battery. If you deactivate those you will see a lot of improvement. Especially if you deactivate the first one.
  2. Thank man. I thought it was the broken handsfree.
  3. SMS work ok for me on last nightly. Incoming and Outgoing too.
  4. There is no mention about APN config in the first post. Could you redirect me to a place where it is explained?
  5. In the description for installation you say "You must be on the 109808 baseband (for best performance). " I am on 109808 baseband. I did not flash the downgrade zip - not needed. I did not flash the 2030 zip. I followed your instructions as provided and performed all wipes. It is not a false bug and I thought it should be investigated. But if it is disturbing dont't bother.
  6. I'm on 109808 baseband. Couldn't manage to set 3g to work. Internet connection worked only with wifi. Switching back to CM11. Now 3g works again
  7. Thanks. It worked with internet explorer. I'm trying it now. Later edit. 3g connection does not work for me.
  8. google chrome said there is a virus in your zip... won't let me download it. I tried it withe ie and had no problem. Will give it a try.
  9. You may be right as first call after update has the usual long lag. However the following calls, even not from the same caller, have a shorter lag than before.
  10. On laters update Hangouts does not synchronize automatically. I don't get notifications of incoming new messages. Anybody else has this?
  11. Same here - playstore not working after I update to latest nightly. It used to work before. Later edit: I reinstalled gapps and now it works.

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