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  1. i think its SD related.. :blink: i cant formate it to ext.. no meter do i use minitool (on PC) of formate it with CWM in the end i get "other" instead on ext2..ext3 or even etx4.. wierd.. :blink:
  2. Hi to all.. its bean a while.. yesterday i installed back this 050413 rom, and have an issue with int2 script.. downloaded C3C0's scipt, but every time i flash it, phone wont boot. its stuck on splash screan.. any idea? anyone?
  3. well, use script.. set 1 or 2G of space, and you will have more then you ever need.. for some "normal" usage, 1G is enough
  4. 1. It's ok.. I left it to over night off (on 0%) to drain it completely. just put it now on the charger and will calibrate it again and see in couple of days.. dont think ist (my) app, because this time installed even less apps. (dont use widgets and weather apps) and sync is normally off.. 2. dont worry about ATM. i know that you will check this when you get time. ;)
  5. Pandawill date update: Presell Product Lead-time:2013-05-15 00:00:00 Guess you were wright about that May :D and good thing I canceled my order..
  6. me again. after a while.. two things. 1. battery consumption is ... well its at 0% after 8h screen (at aprox 20%) mobile network (more E then H) and system, burned more than 70% of my battery in less than 8h. in that 8h about 40 min of real use of the phone, because I was at work.. i noticed battery draining in previous build, but after 4-5 days it was stable, and could keep up to 12h of real use of the phone (call, sms, net) but newer like this. 2. no alarm sound. when i set alarm, i get no sound. only vibrate.. even when i force set alarm melody (used zedge for that, because there is no option to set alarm sound (melody), still when clock alarm is on, it only vibrate..
  7. how about tpt? if your CWM image is somehow F* up, i think that tpt could write new one..
  8. well, basically, i thought it might do something with GPU.. speed up a bit but, now i know ;) tnx, to all of you :D
  9. i know now, i saw that fix. i just wanted, to clearout what was the thing.. and for the record, i don't need kernel at all?
  10. well, if we started a hardware replacimend, i have a headset issue.. i was in a hurry when i was closing my back cover, and something popup from top of my headset conector (i think its 0) so my headset is not working.. i wanted to open a thread here, but did know dose anyone know how to make a hardware replacmend.. so, can someone help me with this?
  11. edit: on this clean rom flashed S5 kernel, and internal size is ~2Gb :D
  12. system system was the thing. this time i did clean install WITH manual format>system, and no kernel, and i2e+ is not working. so im guessing that something stayed written on system partition from previous rom. because i noticed that i have old wallpaper (before cleaning) now i have SB wallpaper, and only that ~200Mb free.. as i sad, my stupidity is my bless ;)
  13. well, my stupidity is my bless :D and something is wrong with my phone that for sure.. -before you added multy dpi gapps, i was able to clean flash new rom (with 200 dpi) -after installing i2e+ (on RB) after clean instal, apps stayed (could not format ext partition) -and now, i2e+ working on SB i think that my phone is not erasing everithig when i do a clean install. maybe i dont even have a Skate phone.. :D :D :D or maybe the pimp init is the a cause.
  14. i dont even know what SFR stand for.. all i saw was jb kernel.. thought it mite boost something.. using those s4 and s5 (not always) from ISC.. but i dont think that kernel is the thing that make i2e work.. two flashes back, i2e worked without kernel.. just rom-gapps-i2e maybe because i formated it to ext2 ??
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