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  1. I've installed the rom and i found a few bugs....the most important is that after a day of use i coult not make or recive ani calls....i had to power of mai phone and restart it. Secont is that the phone is a bit laggy in some apk comparing to the previous version. For example in the [ROM][iCS][4.0.4] Baidu Yi V2 stable (beta V19) English Repack every thing is smooth....no lag at all . I am ow running the Yi v2 version.....hope the next one is al least as better as this one. The best rom so farr Yi v2. :D
  2. hello! I can't flash the V2 of this rom.....i get the messeg"could not open....bad zip" somthing like this.....can someone please help me....
  3. hello! does anyone have a problem with the sound when having a phone call. for me some times i'm talking for a few secontd (some time minnutes) and suddnely the volume changes...it's very loud and unclear. what can i do to solve this? Thx
  4. Hello! How is the sound in the head set when you are talking in the phone? I tried Tillaz's infusion B07 and the sound is clearer than on CM9. Nothing else to report. I used CM9 R3 for a full week and had no problem of any kind. It's a fantastic Rom.
  5. HY Dazz! Is it a problem if i have CWM 4.0.15 or is it necessary for me to swich to youre CWM 6.0.18? Thx
  6. for me the phone.apk does not work. I reflashed it with full wipes and still not working.....i can't make or recive a phonecall...the apk crashes....
  7. Hy Dazzo! I found a bug....after 2-3 days on CM9 I now sometimes have a delay when I want to make a phone call. I tap the touchscreen to make a phone call and the phone starts diling afret 5-8 seconds. I reflashed the rom (full wipes) and still gatting the issue after a day or two.
  8. HI! Great rom. I flashed it last night. It.s very smooth but fout a fwy bugs. 1.In menu->about phone-> when i want to see the detailes in thees section, seting closes. 2. Paranoid Android backup also closes. 3. Text it to small 4.On boot, i enter my sim code, then the phone ask's me to enter again my code....and i did so for about 7-8 times, then i skipped this step, and the phone opend normally. Don't know why it ask's for the sim code again and again. Despite this bugs the rom is great, very smooth, wifi works, camera works, sound great. Keep up the good work and hope to se a V2 of this rom. :D:D
  9. Hello Tillaz! I have a question....I've tried a few days ago the CM9 by Dazzo and I noticed that the touch screen is much more responsive on CM9 than ICS. Why is that? Is it possible to implement that part of the CM9 into Infusion? Or can you make a CM9 based Infusion? I've tried a great deal of rom's but still Infusion is the best. Hope i get a reply from you!THX
  10. Hello Dazz! I have the CM9 rom for3 days and only had 2 wifi crashes. Mai main problem is the volume sound when i talk to someone. Yes the volume in speaking on the phone is much better than ICS but it;s not as clearer. Is there a way to solve this problem? Does DSP Manager have a role in this issue? thx
  11. HY Dazz! I have a problem.... I installed CM9 yesterday and since then , when i try ro connect my phone to the PC i can't open it as a folder. It opesn only with MTP Player Media and i can't copy any of my files to the SD card. What can I do to fix this. Hope you can help me. THX
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