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  1. I had much the same problems with my proximity sensor. Using some of the HW debug tools on the market I could see that it went from 9 to 0 when I moved a hand close to screen, but never reset itself -- in calls the screen never unblanked (I had to repeatedly tap the power button or squeeze the top right of the screen to get the sensor to respond) I tried the compressed air technique and it didn't seem to help (if anything I just got dust between screen and glass). In the end I took the phone apart and noticed that there was a fair bit of dust on the inside of the pane that covers the proximity sensor. Cleaned that off, put the phone back together and now the proximity sensor works again.
  2. Yeah, I don't think it affects everyone (the force update failure). I found the solution after a few searches on this forum. WIsh I knew what makes it not work for some people. My personal symptoms during the initial force update: No text during the unpacking. Just the progressbar on a black screen, which gets to about 30% and then stops. Only after the IMEI zeroing did I get the "unpacking", "stage 1/2" etc text around the progress bar; and this time it actually finished.
  3. A few additions: The ProductID *#*#1357946#*#* code only works on stock or stock based ROMs; so you'll have to downgrade to the stock ROM first before executing this code. (note that huawei don't actually need the ProductID to supply you with the unlock code; it's just the website which checks. I got my code by emailing Huawei with just my IMEI & S/N) Secondly: When I tried to revert to stock using the update.app, the unpacking/flashing always got stuck at 25/30% -- I had to do the IMEI backup -> zero the IMEI -> force update -> re-root -> revert IMEI -> unlock bootloader -> reflash custom ROM Not entirely sure why the force update failed without a zeroed IMEI, but there you go.
  4. Hi, How do I enable Bluetooth tethering/PAN profile using this ROM? BT PAN profile worked on CM9/ICS on my old ZTE Blade but the setting does not seem to be present on the G300 running Infusion ROM I thought perhaps this is a CM9 specific tweak, but it's also mentioned in the official Android user guide: http://support.googl...&answer=1650159
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