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  1. Hey guys. Just checking in to say I might try to build lollipop for the crescent if androidarmv6 gets along well and I find the time to do it. Also I have a port of H3Holo from skate I did some time ago,but I don't think I ever posted it.Gonna drop it off tomorrow or when I get time. I also might have some other stuff,gotta look through my files and see. To awnser your question, Score Int2Ext massively increases your storage capabilities and I never experienced problems with it in the year or so I used it. Regarding what the best setup for this phone is. Whatever works for you,but in my experience GB ROMs used to be the best and almost flawless but over the last months or so they kept causing problems due to being very outdated. So I'd say use some ICS ROM (CM9 or AOSP) or JB 4.1 (paranoid) Or maybe even kk but with every new version everything gets hackier and I never finished some stuff in kk,nothing that really matters but still ICS just seems to perform best. I've had to use Int2ext in all ROMs I've used in order to fit the apps I needed except for h3holo ROM,somehow it's better at managing storage. Since you're running MoltenMotherboard,too,Score,does your device refuse to wake up from sleep sometimes?I've noticed mine doing this lately and can't really debug or fix it at this time,nor do I care enough if it's just on my phone. Anyways I want to thank all of you for being the nice community you are and keeping this little device alive. God,this post is such a clusterfuck,whatever :D Sent from my Lg G2 :)
  2. Before the source is released there's no chance in hell, after that it might be possible but there would have to be some people interested in developing it.
  3. Disable automatic update in play store should stop all but play services and play store from updating
  4. CyanMobile had that feature but that was obviously built from source, but there are some apps in play store that can do it.
  5. Quite impressive work you did to the status bar and notification panel:) Nice seeing someone still working on this device, especially seeing how this ROM is really improving every new version.
  6. Nice work zaxxon,It's great seeing someone work on this. Also Thursday might see a new build.
  7. lol, your right, gotta get used to swype xD Also the buzzing sound will be fixed in the next build.And root should be too.
  8. I don't know what's wrong with root access in this build, I don't know when I'll make a new one as I'm not using the vivacity atm, but I think I might look into it next week
  9. Google+ doesn't work because it doesn't support armv6 anymore,it's not only this rom, it won't work on any.
  10. Not being able to move apps to sd card seems to be a bug, I've encountered it as well,I'll see what I can do. But, at least I, couldn't use any ROM on this device without Link2SD or Int2ext anyways...
  11. Do you have a Simcard in your phone ? Not having one could lead to problems. Could you give a logxat ?
  12. Do you have the apn selected ? You do that by checking the round checkbox next to the apn's name
  13. Yes, obviously that would have to be the next step, unless you want stock recovery for some reason.
  14. You have to set the permissions right, just look at the other files in that folder and set the permissions to the same or rw-r-r-- to be exact.
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