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  1. I'm also experiencing these problems. But no application in general, this happens when I use the music player, but if I do not use, like the still spending. Use is "wakelock detector", but this does not detect as many faults, but tell me who spends much time awake. And reviewing the statistics says that the phone idle spends almost 45% of the running time, and the cell standby 10%
  2. Hello everyone. I have a problem very evident. In the capture file I show what looks on the home screen. I must clarify that I haven't connected more than the USB cable to pass the image. However, shows two shortcomings: still appears the headset connected icon (plus the microphone doesn't work), and I have the data network signal fall again. Any phone user will know what should this erratic behavior? I have installed the ROM Racerboy # 248 with swap. And I tried the # 224 w / o swap and it was the same.
  3. Greetings to all, I write these lines to ask this: Of the multiple hundreds and several Android Froyo and Gingerbread ROM's, what you believe that is the best to use on my cell phone which is object in this subforum? The CyanogenMod's are stables, but weigh enough. Of those who have tried, what's the more stable and faster? And finally, do you know any app from Task Manager that is like the one that comes in the Eclari (version number: 0.1aplha)? It is lie that almost all that I tried not "down me" altogether the TweetCaster, it still consumes hundreds of KB of data, even if use all at the same time, follows "reviving" as if nothing, and I do not know what to do! PS: Do not recommend me using something like the DroidWall. The last time I used it I don't know what I played, but the under-3G navigation was more than inefficient.
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