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  1. No, not unless someone builds a 3.4 kernel that allows overclocking. That's just there because the issues list has been copied over from CM 10.2 (Android 4.3). The initial release of CM 10.2 had a 3.0 kernel which allowed overclocking. If you have Samsung memory, you'll probably have no problems installing and running this.
  2. Thanks Razor3000. It's pretty obvious that Google Services is keeping the device awake, I'll look into it when I have the time.
  3. Saying that shows tremendous disrespect for the people who worked on it and devoted hours of their time (for free, because they do it as a hobby) to have something usable, as opposed to an OS that is 4 years old. It does have its problems, but if you look at what has been done, I would say it's pretty impressive. If you want your phone to behave like a Nexus, buy a Nexus. Or get a Moto. Don't expect a 100€ phone from 2012 to behave like a 2014 flagship.
  4. Anyone else with the experience that some recent change totally killed deep sleep? I used to get up to 3 days of battery out of the phone, with mild use: That's from June 2nd (I think I was running the May 30th nightly). I then switched to the June 12th one. And since I updated to the June 26th nightly, battery usage has gone through the roof: This was overnight. You can see that the phone was awake all night (on normal conditions it would have gone to sleep) and that Google Services has been pretty busy. Does any of you have the same behaviour? Cheers
  5. Nah, it really doesn't. They were built on friday afternoons, and nightlies are built starting at midnight. it's just old, I don't think it's being updated anymore, anyway, I checked the cm-10.2 branch of some of their repos.
  6. eheh we'll see how easy it is to get the ball rolling :)
  7. Settings -> About phone -> Tap on the build number 7 times. that will enable Developer Options and the Performance menu. High-end graphics (transparent status bar) will be in the Performance menu.
  8. I've been very short on time these last few days, but as soon as I have time and fix my backup g300's digitizer, I'll build it and share it.
  9. either power + vol down, or add the screenshot option to the power menu (Settings -> buttons).
  10. The msm7x27a is the SoC that the G300 contains. It's its processor, GPU, all that.
  11. If you want GB ROM's (either because of gaming our nostalgic reasons), you're going to have to use cooked ones. No-one is going to go through the trouble of getting everything to work on a android version that's more than 3 years old, with no real perspective of usefulness (aside from learning). Also, getting the msm7x27a to run on GB is a huge pain (building it, that is). That being said, I don't game on my phone so I'm using KitKat. I agree that it's not the fastest or the most stable, but I like using the latest and greatest so that's what I'm using right now. If you want something with more stability but also innovation, go for CM10.2, which has the new kernel (all this is moot if you have a hynix chip), and a bit lighter. If you want stability over anything else, go for stock-based ROM's or CM9. Someone should really try to build a 3.4 kernel with OC just for the G300 (I might try it when I find the time), but if you want a smooth experience you should either stay on stock, or buy a faster phone.
  12. Your bootloader is most likely not officially unlocked. Check this thread for more info: http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/
  13. did it happen in CM10.2 too? I'm not using this daily but I can take a look if it's a new issue.
  14. Probably, it's basically a different cm10.2, so it'll likely behave the same way.
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