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  1. Can I make something wrong with a Nexus 4 (16gb) for 230 euros?
  2. Curlie

    Vowney / Verne V5

    I dont know if https://github.com/varunchitre15/MT6589_kernel_source is usefull. I don´t know if it can be used for this device and what you can exactely do with it ;)
  3. When do I have to restore oeminfo? I think i didnt do anything to it
  4. How much ram do you need minimum?
  5. Can I connect a keyboard via otg? Or a mouse? And will it work?
  6. I flashed the first zip and it boots...
  7. I installed it on CM10.1 R2 and benchmarked it with 1.228GHz overclock
  8. For me it booted but I don´t know how to check that it succesfully installed
  9. Curlie

    [DEV] Ubuntu Touch [ROM]

    1. http://db.tt/aARbPfGr 2. unzip it a folder on your pc 3. boot into recovery 4. then open a cmd terminal, switch to the folder you extracted busybox into and do 'adb push busybox /tmp' 5. "adb shell cat /proc/partitions | grep mmcblk0p19", it should return a single line confirming that mmcblk0p19 exists 6. "adb shell chmod 755 /tmp/busybox" 7. "adb shell /tmp/busybox mkfs.vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p19" that should work, all thanks to unaszplodrmann (he explained it to me)
  10. It only boots up if you don´t put in your sim card... but I did not test if it crashes if I put the sim again into the phone, back to CM10.1
  11. It would be cool if someone could bring multilanguage support

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