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  1. Can I make something wrong with a Nexus 4 (16gb) for 230 euros?
  2. Curlie

    Vowney / Verne V5

    I dont know if https://github.com/varunchitre15/MT6589_kernel_source is usefull. I don´t know if it can be used for this device and what you can exactely do with it ;)
  3. When do I have to restore oeminfo? I think i didnt do anything to it
  4. How much ram do you need minimum?
  5. Can I connect a keyboard via otg? Or a mouse? And will it work?
  6. I flashed the first zip and it boots...
  7. I installed it on CM10.1 R2 and benchmarked it with 1.228GHz overclock
  8. For me it booted but I don´t know how to check that it succesfully installed
  9. Curlie

    [DEV] Ubuntu Touch [ROM]

    1. http://db.tt/aARbPfGr 2. unzip it a folder on your pc 3. boot into recovery 4. then open a cmd terminal, switch to the folder you extracted busybox into and do 'adb push busybox /tmp' 5. "adb shell cat /proc/partitions | grep mmcblk0p19", it should return a single line confirming that mmcblk0p19 exists 6. "adb shell chmod 755 /tmp/busybox" 7. "adb shell /tmp/busybox mkfs.vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p19" that should work, all thanks to unaszplodrmann (he explained it to me)
  10. It only boots up if you don´t put in your sim card... but I did not test if it crashes if I put the sim again into the phone, back to CM10.1
  11. It would be cool if someone could bring multilanguage support
  12. Hmm I tried the Rom you gave me the link for (thank you very much) but I don´t understand why there are ICS transitions and not the original GB, which look more like iOS And there is much on Chinese?idk what language so if anyone could make this multilingual it would be cool
  13. Could you post the download link for baseband 2030 on http://forum.androidsrbija.com/viewtopic.php?f=258&t=4206&sid=98a8c664a8943a4cf37a0aff4c92e629
  14. Lol I started loading my phone and after 10 min it was from 4-52%?!
  15. I wiped everything too and formatted system
  16. For me battery is quite bad... While is was in school it dropped from 42% to 19% with flight mode and nothing on
  17. Nothing is lagging for me, this is the smoothest rom I´ve ever had on my G300. The only thing that is lagging is (as known) the camera (for me it takes 12!?! seconds to take a picture), but you just can install e.g Jelly Bean Kamera+ and this is very smooth too
  18. "network is repaired on cm7!" HAHA good joke... CM7 is bad, all is chinese and there is NO network

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