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  1. guys what should i type in terminal emulator to see my partition size . i dont remember , i have a long of time to change rom to my skate :)
  2. guys , cant overclock it , why , also what about super user
  3. Ceco, Cm team had released update for the hear 2013 , is it possible to update and your and by that mokee to.
  4. We'll, I have try enough, but not all of ICS and jb. Also some of GB. so from all those that have tried till now I found a combination that I am crazy with, and when ill boaring it ill go to cm7 miui. I use mokeeos 1.1 after a huge clean install, applying abw paid version and holo locker paid version. To me till now. Is the best, makes skate snappy and huge fast for what it is. Its so so nice like that. It works on demand with 902 MHz and its like a bullet. I am sorry but my opinion is that this is much more better that any 2.3.5 even than h3blues. Cause had apply adw and holo there with any governor couldn't have this resault as mokeeos. So lets we waiting for last work of hero's and we will compare again ;)
  5. And here the nice working on GB ROMs holo locker
  6. Heap :D exactly, to not have any surprise like not good WiFi and generally not good response ;)
  7. I am not format only those . I do the follow: Wipe data/factory reset wipe cache partition After from the mounts and storage I format boot,cache,data and system. my Cwm . Do it as such this and I think that you will start agree with me ;););):D . When I want to pass from 2.3.5 to 2.3.7 or 4.x.x or from one of then to each other I do each step of the proccedure and 4 times :mellow: , cause I was reading that some times cwm is to sleepy to do the work directly , I mean to clean and wipe ;) . So good luck ;) .
  8. Yes yes I got it ;) . For this reason told you full format. Imagine that is huge fast as phone and download huge fast frkm play store . Think that phone runs at 902 and I am saying you that is huuuge fast
  9. By the way, with all the setup that made it it runs on demand at 902 and its not luggy at all. Just leave after first boot for some secs to load everything
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