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  1. In some old topics this was often answered: tilal6991 - "Try this - type this into dialer - *983*0#. Go to sensors and while not covering the sensor click calibrate." Old Topic - Oh and google is your friend!
  2. Use Battery Calibration from Playstore. After flashing a new rom, the battery is quite often wrong calibrated.
  3. Its quite faster, than the one in Google Play, but has less features.
  4. Yes, C3C0 made a pure cm9 port, but its rather outdated. However its still there - looking into his goo.im account. Greetings from Germany :P
  5. Found something strange today. When turning my device on everything behaves normal, but when I enter cwm and say clear dalvik-cache. It says on the next reboot, something like optimizing the apps. Thats normal, but since then, I see on every reboot a dialog -> Android is upgrading -> starting apps. Anyone had the same "problem"?
  6. Hi, its me again :D , the new version runs really smoth, thanks C3C0, but since the last two builds I the blue "clear all" x in the notification bar, when theres no notification. Did a fresh install and run PA with Hybrid-Mode turned off. Any suggestions?
  7. Werds mir mal angucken. (Will take a look at it.) :) Seems like I was too late. :P
  8. Seems like your battery is extrem low, just recharge the skate.
  9. No Problem mate. :) I help where I can. Because you and Tilal made the skate more than it's wort and care for the community. Have a nice day!
  10. Hi C3C0 I've found a bug/fc in the latest build. When opening the Browser, press the search bar and try voice input, it crashes. ->see attached logcat And Schwedenbitter already done the translation, so I don't have to break my head in English. :D alogcat.2012-11-27-16-02-20+0100.txt
  11. Hi C3C0, its me again :P , and i am a bit confused, because every time i reboot my skate it says Android Upgrading -> Starting Applications. Im using your latest build (fresh install) and this strange thing happend only after a while, using the skate normal, but now every time. And after using some Themes, my status bar is showing the x (- to clear everything) is showing up when theres nothing to delete? Hope you can fix them, but take your time ;) cheers
  12. Hi C3CO, I tested your Paranoid Built for a few days now and it seems hes very fast and reliable. Although I came across some Bugs/Giltches: At the end theres the screen not dimmed - Happens only in hybrid mode Then there are some graphical errors watching youtube videos HQ: And the last point is, if you watch long youtube videos in a row the phone crashes/hot reboots itself. Hope you can fix them (and sorry for my bad english)
  13. Hey C3C0 is it possible to port the lockscreen to other roms, which are gingerbread (e.g. Atomicmod)?
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