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  1. Yes it's ont on sd card its in ur phones memory and use root explorer and give it permission to read/overwrite when u do it. And yes its for stock ics 4.0.3
  2. U are doing something wrong because the difference is like night and day...
  3. Indianmonk if u can see in the picture then in there is files which have got .bak those are backup aka original files
  4. B336 runs on what android if 4.0.3 then yes if its emui then u dont need fix coz its loud
  5. U could easily brick your device its not only radio modem difference i am quite sure
  6. made new cwm s anyone up to test cant test myself coz i dont own p1 anymore
  7. Try to v6 supercharge your phone it made a big difference with my ics 4.0.3
  8. Yes p2 will have key lime pie as well i am sure aka android 5
  9. Yes u can in mtp usb mode and usb debugging on but u cant flash anything i know that coz my p6 has the same huawei homebrew insides and i have tryed to get it working but.....
  10. U can forget cm10.1 and cwm/twrp coz the phone has huawei own chipset wich has bootloader locked and no unlocking as my ascend P6 its called hisilicon k3v2 as i remember.
  11. u have adb installed if it shows up as a blaze device but ur win pc is giving u hard time open device manager and change the blaze device driver press update driver and choose manuali u should get it in adb connected then open aio flasher and press reboot into recovery from there do a full wipe or u can try to just do the official force update via sd card.
  12. Here they are all dressed in white :D P1.sgs3.P6
  13. ther isnt anything useful in xda just 1 guy mentiones it. btw the low audio is fixed in beta b115 i am useing the b107 international will steal some files from the b115 beta to fix the low volume in b107

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