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  1. Ok so I tried to downgrade from kk to stock gb and as I zeroed my IMEI, I got the message that the process succeeded, rebooted and now I'm stuck at Huawei logo without debugging mode enabled. How do I bring it back to life?
  2. After two years with my good old G300, it's time to move on. Got another bargain from Vodafone, Alcatel One Touch Pop C7, 5'' screen, quad core 1.3 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, for just 20 euros on contract. I hope it will atract at least as many users and developers as the G300 did. It has been nice flashing the ROMs for G300 and I hope I'll start doing the same with the Onetouch. Hope to see you in the Alcatel section. bye!
  3. I also restored to stock, so this is what i did Download Huawei stock firmware http://consumer.huawei.com/en/support/downloads/detail/index.htm?id=18122 This is the latest(B961) Download and install 5irom from here http://www.modaco.com/topic/362677-how-to-downgrade-from-b952-to-gb/ And follow steps 2 and 3. Place the downloaded Huawei firmware in dload folder in the root of your SD card(if it isn't there, just create it) Turn off the phone, remove battery for 10 seconds, put the battery back, hold volume up and volume down keys while pressing the power button and it should start flashing. After it completes, root your G300 using this guide http://huaweig300.com/how-to-root-the-huawei-g300/ Reinstall 5irom app and restore your IMEI. Done You have to zero your IMEI, otherwise it won't force update. Don't forget to make a copy of 5irom folder(from your SD and internal, depends on your default storage)
  4. Can someone please upload the new CWM version, because i can't reach any of thebronasium.com adresses
  5. I will try that, thank you for your answer. I get a lot of those random reboots, even if my bootloader is unlocked officialy. I think this will be an awesome ROM when it will be ready.
  6. Anyone experiencing random reboots when phone at load? For me it is getting annoying. And another thing: when I use File Manager app, and scroll trough, my phone stutters, but after installing bidza”s mod, it does not stutter anymore...
  7. Daz said on irc that transparent status bar causes lags, so it made it black. PS: I installed it last night and had 2 random reboots, although I have an officially unlocked bootloader, and as some other user said, I had slowdowns on browser navigation.
  8. Can you do something with 10.2? I use your cm10 and I just love it, but i would also love to see 10.2 running the same, because after a few days of use it becomes sluggish
  9. Thank you Dazz. this last update is actually awesome
  10. My phone is doing the same. It seems that it can't mount the sdcard. Just flash it manually and it works.
  11. It was a thread about this, but i just can't remember it. Search on Google Volume Boost.
  12. Unlock your bootloader the official way. Worked for me and most of us...
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