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  1. It isnt illegal at all.
  2. Everything seems to be working for me ok. This seems to be a good rom at the moment and although there still the bugs from Daz's base as I would expect there is much less memory used from apps than usual. I hope this rom keeps getting developed as it is quite fast and a much needed rom to a seemingly dying g300 scene.
  3. thepolodoc

    RAM Expand

    I doubt it. If the app could easily brick phones then i'm pretty sure google wouldn't like it on the play store.
  4. No, ICS launchers such as Nova and Apex for example wont work correctly if i remember correctly from other posts on this forum.
  5. thepolodoc

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    This rom is very, very fast. Very impressed so far and no problem with two days general usage. Also games are very nice to play now.
  6. thepolodoc

    Amount of RAM

    yes, this is normal.
  7. looking good guys, keep up the work. Its always nice to see new roms for our phone which seems to be slowly losing the crowd it once did when it comes to developing.
  8. In the other MIUI rom the lock screen was rather slow and laggy, im not sure but maybe its to do with hardware acceleration but i cant be certain. Either way keep up the good work narkoman88
  9. thepolodoc

    Phone shutting down

    I can remember someone in these forums having a series of problems like this. I couldnt find it mind you though so I dont know whether they fixed it or not.
  10. On CM10 without an overclock, Vice City was running at around 12-16fps I estimate. Maybe its playable for some people but definitely not for me. I doubt an overclock will make a difference to be honest
  11. They aren't irrelevant because they show that the rom does have better performance. Maybe not in real world situations but in tests at least
  12. No overclock with these scores mind you and no other apps installed apart from the two benchmarks and stock apps of course
  13. Im not certain on this but wouldnt the way be is to just do an official patch via dload and redo all of the CWM reinstalls and so on and then flash this rom
  14. you must be either using R1 or R2 of Daz's recovery. There is R4 for the normal recovery and R2 for the new touch recovery, you might as well try one of those.
  15. Have you got Daz's CWM installed. If not install it then try again. Also try rebooting and going back into recovery.

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