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  1. Carl/Freddo builds are online, Racer will be online in about 45 minutes from now EDIT: gen1 updates are removed and will be uploaded again because I made some mistake. Expect them online in about 1-2 hours
  2. New updates are built & being uploaded now 1.7 - 20130419 - Latest CM7 changes - Trying some improvements in the touchscreen driver to avoid ghost clicks - Integrated GooManager for future updates & removed RomManager and CM Updates notification Download gen1 or gen2 according to your device. No more gen1 addon zip or single zip for both generations.
  3. New update will probably come this or next week. I will close my VPS server & all my downloads will move to goo.im Future updates will be managed with GooManager which will be integrated in the rom
  4. Hello guys, the kernel seems hard to port since ZTE had messed up the sources so much that some things require total rewrite of the drivers. I will continue updating the existing rom & kernel but don't expect many features & fixes since it's extremely hard to fix them. I don't know when I will release the new build, I will try to find some time since I'm busy with other things :)
  5. A new kernel is going to be released in a few days, containing some experimental improvements for the touchscreen.
  6. Hello, I will fix that bug in the next release. For now use the previous version if you need a more stable rom
  7. Nice work, if you need anything, I'm willing to help. I build cm7 for 3 other zte devices. Which kernel sources are you using?
  8. RacerMod 1.6 is coming finally today. Check the first post for a complete changelog before installing because there is some difference in the installation method for gen1 devices. EDIT: I'm uploading the updates on my server now. EDIT 2: Files are online, check my website for download links.
  9. Hello guys, today there were some massive gingerbread merges in CyanogenMod gerrit. Maybe tomorrow I will release build 1.6 of RacerMod (check first post for changelog)
  10. CyanogenMod stopped building cm7 few days ago, meaning cm7 is finally reaching its end of life. I will continue building cm7 until most major bugs are solved (wifi on freddo/carl, framebuffer). The only thing that stops us from going to cm9/10 is the kernel lcd related drivers, that's the reason I'm going to start development of a new kernel and hopefully we will have ics in the next few months.
  11. The cable is soldered on the phone, now I'm waiting for the rs232 usb adapter to hopefully start working on the kernel. In the meantime, I'm going to release a new version of RacerMod which will include the latest cm7 merged features.
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