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  1. Hey! So, please someone help me! I wanna mak a TPT. I have downloaded and made my privat partiton with 230MB. I can use this only with cwm 4.0...... and there are no option to cwm 6.0...... I made my TPT, after that i rebooted to recovery and than i want to flash this cwm 6.0..... But nothing happened, after the reboot i see the old cwm, everytime. So what now? Please someone write the following steps!!!!! :o :o :o
  2. the stock live walls not working! Can anybody help?
  3. download link broken! Please help!!
  4. Kösz! lehet én vagyok vak, de nekem nincs ilyen opció a rendszer menüben!!!
  5. how can i use PIE control in this rom??
  6. Great work Tilal!! The camera app has got an issue by me: It make three picture at the same time than force close! Galery is working sometimes bad too! Can you help me??
  7. szaszabi90

    Post you home screen piciture :D

    what's the name of the weather widget, and how can i use this?????
  8. tilal! The server of goo.im is working now. So you can upload the new build if you wanna!!!!
  9. EXT4??? Are you sure?? Because i'm using since a while ext2. what's the different?? Can i switch the strengness of the backlight with mí finger 'taping" in navbar????
  10. link2sd doesn't work in this rom! Is it right? I tried to patch the 2.partition in Link2sd but it doesn't wor- can't create the command! With the 3.partition can link not so many apps as with the 2.partition. Is it right???
  11. Can i change the animation beetwen a screens? Can i remove the Google Search bar from the screens?
  12. Great work! But so many option as: System menu - Nav bar option, power widget in navbar, invisible. These are in the 2.63. So it can be called a 2.99 version, because there are so many "hole" in this Rom. In this way this rom is not so perfect as a 2.63. Is it any way to reach this menu: System???????

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