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  1. You can install linux... but it is too slow to be of use. You could if you have all you can eat data use it to get bittorrent. Guess you could have ftp server, but why? You could donate it to me cause I have need of something android with gps for a saftey use. 3 people are going to sail accross the Bay of Biscay to Greece, the youngest is over 70, the 'skipper' is over 90 - they are all going to die, so a real time gps tracker is needed - the g300 is adequate for the purpose.
  2. I doubt very much you can have the rom and have your phone working. For apps like task manager if you can find a place to download it from you can install it. Make clockwork backup of your phone first so if something goes wrong you can restore phone
  3. The comment about simulation on the apps page confused me also, but running it did make a difference. I guess flashing roms could also hurt memory? So perhaps just use this when you start having problems updating apps?
  4. Found Storage Defragmenter on the Play Store. It defragments internal storage. When I ran it I got an extra 32meg of free space. So I recommend it.
  5. I had much same problem. Look under development for the Supercharge your g300 thread and install the zips - it worked for me. Also I googled for titanium pro 6.1.0 and got a free one;-) This lets you integrate system updates into your rom. I doubled my free internal storage!!!
  6. Well whatever else these mods do they have solved a long standing memory problem I was having with stock plus ROM. I now can actually use internal storage when its less than 95m. Big thumbs up.
  7. playstore can't even update small app like antutu and reports insufficient storage space, yet I have 35.8M internal free and over a gig on the external sd card. Anyone any ideas? Ok I have just over 100 apps installed, but in past I've had more without problem.
  8. Ok I all sorted now. What I did was cwm flash the upgrade.zip from the upgrade/downgrade thread above, then flash my favorite rom. Scary because on first boot phone crashed halfway through booting. Second attempt the phone booted but had no telephony at all - even the normal first boot prompt to register with google did not happen and seemed the phone had no possibility to connect to anything. Third attempt at booting worked fine everything working and no problems after. The upgrade.zip is fantastic, scary but fantastic.
  9. Success! Found recovery-clockwork- flashed it ok and used it to install clockwork and that ok. Now just need change baseband and get ics back.
  10. OK, I found files on laptop I used to flash clockworkmod to my old phone when it ran gingerbread - the adb way. I tried it... I now have stock recovery back. clockwork is still missing... will now try different img file.
  11. When I first turn this on I updated firmware to what I say above. I updated system apps also and got allbackup. But no difference between vodaphone and 3 sim - there are no updates Not only is colckwork missing stock recovery is also missing now.
  12. I had to get a new g300 from Argus after I lost my old one. I found that Vodaphone shop in Newport Wales would unlock the sim for FREE! if either it was over a year old or i had the recipt so they could void the warranty. Being desperate and not having the recipt I opted to pay £20 and get it unlocked there and then. I have managed to root my phone OK and it is rooted because root apps work OK. Now the problems:- I am stuck on Vodaphone U8815V100R001C02B895 Kernel Version [email protected]#1 There are no more system or firmware upgrades available for me. I try to install clockwork Mod Recovery using ClockworkG300.exe and it seems to flash OK. The phone boots up OK. But when I try poweron and vol+ together I am stuck on the splash screen, after a few secs the capacitive buttons light up but that is all that happens I remain on splash screen until I press power button and reboot phone. I try to follow guides like the 5 year old guides but important pages are missing or I cant find them. I try to find a stock ics rom to use the iemi hack method but the page that lists the roms seems to be missing. I really can't wade through 100's of pages to see if there is already help here for me, I hope you understand that. I just need a way to get back to ICS with a functioning clockworkmod. Please please help me, I'm slowley loosing the will to live.
  13. I tried last nights build - i did all wipes first. Android keyboard kept crashing - unusable. Tried installing hackers keyboard no go - possibly because titainium sysyem back up but its worked with other cm10 based roms. gone back to stock+960
  14. Sorry Kyan I thought that if the phone supports otg then it is a dev issue because it need also kernel support.
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