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  1. S5 kernel for sfr starradict is compatible with this rom ?
  2. I flash the special kernel for SFR device by C3C0 (because my skate is from SFR), and my screen isn't working at all :/
  3. Which one i have to use for the latest build of CM10.1 ? I see it anywhere :/
  4. Okay so, i reformulates my question : is it stock dpi (240) on this rom ? :P
  5. Little question : we can't modify the layout so, this is the stock layout ? (240 DPI)
  6. I installed Google Now with the apk of this ZIP, and it work perfectly, for who is interested :P http://fs1.d-h.st/download/00017/wBX/KDH_NXT-GEN_GAPPS_4.2_FULL.zip
  7. Okay thank you ! :) I was thinking about it, but i didn't try it because PA is based on AOSP and CFX is CM, so i wasn't sure
  8. Hum, what is kernel for CFX3 ? Because it was the S4 kernel, but with the VSYNC fix, the kernel changed, so i don't know which kernel is for CFX3 now
  9. So, bluetooth can be actived, but we can't turn it off ? That's the only thing prevents me to give it a try :P
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