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  1. Wow,it was good news.. Longtime no update,so there's gonna be a lot of improvement than previous release.. :D
  2. great.. no ETA,but at least i know there will be an update.. thanks.. :D
  3. great.. i'll follow your work infront the screen.. lol (you know what i mean :D )
  4. First visitor.. LOL :D How about proximity and ringtone loop?? I use lattest cm10.1 from other forum (you know where) and both proximity and ringtone loop doesnt working..
  5. I cant find PAC rom for blade,but it was available on other device,so we just need a dev who can build it from source or port it from other device to blade.. :D nb:i'm not a dev,just user..
  6. There's a PAC rom,it was combine Paranoid Android,AOKP,and CyanogenMod on one rom,and it was opensource..
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