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  1. How do you get your overclock so high? In my case, if I exceed 672 mhz my system doesn't work!
  2. even disabling Hi-res graphics and Icon Shadows on the menu Laucher, still perceiving a certain delay when scrolling, especially in consifuraçõs menu. Some configuration to improve this? thank you
  3. I'm having the same problem. I install gapps, install all google sync, car home, google search, but the play never appears store before it worked perfect, I updated to 1.97, stopped working with the a2sd script darktremor tb oO!
  4. Seriously, this is the best rom existing. battery performance and optimization ram never been so close. But I still made ​​some modifications means that the particular left perfect for me. Particinei the Sd, (256 Swap), (512 Sd ext) to further improve the internal space and ram, and used draktremor script, was excellent, gets the hint. Now you would think possible a translation / adaptation for language Portuguese Brazil? Congratulations for the work, and thank you very much if they give the possibility for other languages​​. thank you

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