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  1. There are quite a few apps that dont work for me, including facebook, xbox smart glass and sometimes the search app. i think we just have to be patient and wait for the next version for fixes.
  2. The natwest app issue seems to have solved itself, but i have a different issue. Anybody finding the facebook app pretty poor? I get whitescreens every time i try to do a search, and force closes when choosing certain notifications.
  3. Anybody having issues using the NatWest app? There's nothing wrong with the UI, but it gets stuck logging in etc.
  4. This ROM is brilliant! A few small issues: Notification bar freeze, like many other people. The national rail enquires app I use to check train times is troublesome. It tends to stop accepting inputs until you press home and re open. I have similar problems with the outlook.com and Hotmail apps, but I jut use built in email now. Touch pal keyboard also isn't 100%, it can stop accepting input also. (All of these no input issues are fixed by leaving the affected app and restarting.) Of course, the no notification light thing. Otherwise its superb :) Edit: I seem to have gotten around most of these issues by disabling HW overlays.
  5. Anybody having issues signing with a google account? I cant access play or youtube, and after deleting my account, cant re add it. Google server side issue, or is it the rom? (right now im stuck signing in) Do i need to fix permissions? Not really certain how.... EDIT: Ok, im fixing permissions, will report back. EDIT: Ok, lookes like my permissions needed fixing. Up and running now.
  6. Forgot to wipe.. what a mess....
  7. Just wondering.. hardware accelerated UI? Just because you haven't explicitly noted it, is it there? Wonderful work though :)
  8. So, what exactly is the difference between this build and the upcoming build?
  9. This is by FAR the best ROM i have used, and probably have been using it for longer now than any other rom. just a few questions. Is there any way to disable volume key unlock? I find myself changing volume and then locking the phone rather than unlocking it. Is there any chance of getting the new android keyboard (4.2 stock) built in in a future update? I've been trying to install myself, but I'm getting nowhere. Is there a particular reason the stock launcher nova free rather than apex free (considering apex free is more feature rich) Has anybody been having any trouble with juice defender in this rom? Not disabling/ enabling mobile data and wifi. But still, this is the best ROM out there :)
  10. And devs have any plans on integrating this keyboard into their ROM's?
  11. Anybody noticed how cheap plastic phones have cheap plastic bodies that absorb the majority of the force when you drop them?
  12. OK, so i just installed perfectly. Is there any way to get media skip, pause etc power control? Edit: You know, it isn't important. I just switched to power amp from mixzing, and its got notification controls. Ill just have to wait until mixzing decide to do a proper update (which has been a while) before they add notification controls.
  13. So i installed and get huawie logo cycle reboot. I suspect its because i neglected to install the storage fix patch, so what do i do Restore, install the patch, install infusion OR just install the patch (am also using the stock ICS battery zip, but i will do clean install next time)
  14. PandaThing

    San Francisco 2 or G300?

    Now before you say G300 of course, here is a little context. I own a G300, and love it, but my younger sister is now looking for a replacement for her phone and I've been steering her towards both the G300 and the san fransisco 2. She is leaning towards the san fransisco 2 because of its slightly smaller size, and I don't really see any problem with the san fransisco 2 at face value, but having never used one, i cant be sure it isn't crap. So to anybody who owns a San Fransisco 2 (if you own or have used a G300 as well that would be great): The San Fransisco has a 800MHz preccesor next to the G300's 1GHz. Are there any problems with this in daily use, for music, web browsing, perhaps a little gaming? I have read in some reviews (i considered the San Fransisco 2 before settling on my G300) that the touch screen is a tad unresponsive. Is this similar to the G300, worse, better? Finally, I know the phone ships with android 2.3 (i think its .3) but i was considering putting dazzaco's cm mod 9 on it, any users of this out there? is it good? Also, she will be switching from a motarolla flipout, so bear that in mind.... Any insights would be great :)
  15. PandaThing

    Recommended Overclock Frequency?

    How is it possible for higher frequencies to use a lower voltage than lower frequencies? Not sure i buy that...

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