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  1. What about lalipop..pbp can u make it?[emoji23]
  2. Power key = home button[emoji366][emoji364][emoji365]
  3. camera fc again bro..[emoji27]
  4. problem solved..instagram camera is crash..so i turned off the camera of instagram. tq buddy..
  5. How to fix camera f.c pbp?:huh:
  6. yeah right pbp :D sorry..you give your best,nice
  7. this final ver. of kitkat pbp?what the mean of newer kernel?m tired flash flesh again :(
  8. The new one is fast like flash gordon!u should try this dude..!>_>kitkat begin..
  9. Waw another next gen of zte zen..:lol:
  10. waw kit kat,say cheers..! but bugs is already gone right pbp?:D
  11. i think u'right..kitkat still have some problem
  12. Port 4.4 kit kat pbp,thats cool :lol:
  13. Why bbm app is not compatible for our v9?because arm 6?or...?
  14. i prefer 4.2.2 this time bro,very familiar for me..^_^
  15. whats wrong with the cam bro?everything is fine in my v9,maybe u should flash again with the tutorial in page 1

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