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  1. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/367019- There you go
  2. Yeah, go to his thread and read the required stuff. Downloaded the compatible recovery, and then install it :)
  3. Did you do a nandroid backup before installing cm11? Yes, then just restore it. No then continue. Do you have a jellybean compatible recovery? If not, get it from daz's cm11 thread. Because that may be causing the installation errors. ? :s Install the recovery and wipe data/factory and cache. And re install.
  4. There was absolutely no need at all, to make four threads. Seeming though as you lagged. Just change the post title to something like -- and the description to -- except one of the threads.
  5. I'm just going to disable the key lights. As they turned back on but only two is working. Thanks for your help though! Highly appreciated
  6. Its weird because. My menu light wasn't on but the home and back were on. I too was confused about it
  7. Alright, so my G300 has been switched off for some time now. But after turning it on. My hardware key lights don't seem to turn on anymore. I switched ROMs. Still no luck. Is there any way to get them working? If it was an led issue all three wouldn't turn off. Thanks guys!
  8. Well, they will just come. If you really want one, then consider donating them the device. Or simply give them some cash (donation) or perhaps ask? But the G300 already has many talented devs. I really don't see the point. I would start to develop for this device once again but I doubt I'll put enough effort into it.
  9. Good luck with your new phone mate! All the best. :)
  10. [NOTE] This is the font that many users had asked for. And I finally decided to pull these fonts out of the .zip. Note the attached file containing the fonts IS NOT A FLASHABLE ZIP!!! ​This will work on any ROM. [REQUIREMENTS] [✦] ROOT ACCESS [✦] ROOT BROWSER [✦] AOKP E FONTS [iNSTALLATION] [✦] First download the fonts zip. [✦] Extract the contents to the root of your SD Card. (Fonts) [✦] Copy the two Fonts "Regular and Bold" from the SD Card. [✦] Navigate to "/system/fonts" and paste. [✦] You will be prompted with a replacement of original. [✦] Replace the two files and Reboot. [sCREENSHOTS] AOKP EMOTION FONT.zip
  11. Is there any camera lag? Because I'd like to install this and trade in my g300.
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