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  1. Buy a new phone, don't spend money which will be priced more then the phone itself to get it fixed. Move to another device.
  2. This seems a lot like hardware failure but before we jump into that, try ordering a new battery to check, as you did nothing to your device so yeah, if it still doesn't boot well it a probably hardware issues
  3. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

  4. it is? :o, I heard it was on Samsung as well ? :s confused .
  5. Just wondering, any way of getting supercid on this device.. It may be worth a shot? Or is it pointless?
  6. Notes - Hi all, once again I'm doing my contribution here, why because I got my G300 to operate. I have used these in my latest Desire X rom, and Yes these strings work. Confirmed Working - Yes Device Specific - G300 and Desire X Strings - # density in DPI of the LCD of this board. This is used to scale the UI appropriately. # If this property is not defined, the default value is 160 dpi. ro.sf.lcd_density = 240 # View configuration for QVGA # This is useful for scrolling, getting the best amount of scroll, this is my configured strings. view.fading_edge_length = 8 view.touch_slop = 15 view.minimum_fling_velocity = 25 view.scroll_friction = 0.008 # default value of brightness, used to set brightness of your device when originally started up. settings.display.brightness=143 # For SD storage insert notification sound, you may need to implement the .ogg's and function to your rom. persist.service.mount.playsnd = 0 # This is a high density device with a reasonable amount of memory (512), so larger vm heaps for it. # For ICS project, default 32m/48m. dalvik.vm.heapsize=128m dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=48m # For HSDPA low throughput. ro.ril.disable.power.collapse = 1 # Enable SIM Hot-Swap feature. ro.ril.enable.sim.hot.swap = 1 # For emmc phone storage ro.phone_storage = 1 # For ext4 file system ro.ext4fs = 1 # For long press power key to restart. ro.product.hwreset = 1 # For quick boot mode. persist.sys.shutdown.mode = hibernate If you found this useful, don't hesitate to hit the rep button. Cheers.
  7. If you are rooted, and you have clockwork mod installed, I assume your boot loader is unlocked. Continue these steps or follow the ones you are using on the guide. Select a rom, download its required components such as the ROM itself, download the Google Apps.zip (gapps) provided in the thread, if needed. Once your following downloads have been finished, transfer both files to your SD card, I recommend you place both files in the root of your SD card, so you don't have to navigate through folders finding the rom, and it'll avoid confusion. Power off your device and remove your battery for ten or so seconds, re-insert the battery and boot into recovery mode with the following buttons. Volume Up and Power, hold these buttons simultaneously until you boot into cwm. I advise you do a backup of your current ROM in case something happens, though this is optional. Once you have done the following, wipe cache, and factory reset the data. Proceed to the installation of the ROM by selecting, choose .zip etc etc. Don't choose side load! Select the ROM first and install it followed by the Google apps (gapps). Once your installation process has completed, you will be brought back to the menu, continue by selecting reboot. Your new ROM should boot. Hope I helped buddy.
  8. haha yhp, I left mainly because my ascend started playing up mainly the menu button, it occasionally stopped functioning and the led light would not light up so I'm like, time to buy a new phone, haha. I see more people are moving on, best of luck!
  9. No problemo :P it seems that the desire x is off on a good start with development.
  10. Hey guys, just purchased a new phone, I thought I'd share my farewell with you as this community is huge and it's impacted my career allot in the development criteria, I know I haven't provided this community with much of my work, just a few roms, I will be checking here and there regularly, we have some great developers here, keep it up guys! Cheers Proud owner of a new HTC Desire X and moving to the XDA community once again.
  11. I thought the argument did end earlier, I'm going to quit being rude, but by learning something you read info, use guides, from there you can start to learn right. I'm not going to say you're a bad person, but that hateful comment towards people and putting them down isn't right, from learning this kind of development starts form small things like this, it's basically like trial and error, so Yh, I don't have anything to say you are wrong or i'm wrong or w/e, all we should be happy about is that there is this rom which is provided for us to use, yh some people might not like it but there's people who do like it, it's their choice. Jaimes did a good effort and that's all that matters. Good day to you.
  12. Right, so I found out an issue. It seems when you install Chainfire3d drivers and reboot, you potentially brick your phone. I'm an quite confused, on why this happens.
  13. I actually do hahah, I used its components for my old ROM emotion aokp
  14. good luck on getting a new device soon! Everyone will sure wait, but it probably won't stop yo from browsing and helping through this forum right. Good day to you.
  15. If you're running Ubuntu or a Linux based os : http://code.google.com/p/android-theme/wiki/TMobileThemeEngine If windows : I'd suggest you modify the pngs within a readymade theme. Also there are many ways to compile a theme or modify it, perhaps searching in the xda developer forums would be a better choice as it has far more information than this particular *device* forum. Or look into tilaz's theming guide contained in this forum.
  16. Stop being cheap just buy it or refer to a free alternative. No harsh feelings Lol
  17. I'm running klp ;) Edit : If you think its legit look at CyanogenMod version and the model :P
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