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  1. Notice : Development on this device by me is dead. I will not continue to post new ROMs or updates. Thanks for all the kind users, and people that had given this ROM a go, as many had mentioned it had potential. This ROM is still fully functional. There should be the latest update on the first thread if you're willing to give this ROM a try. All the best, Krish.
  2. I'll try and look out for something like that, thanks
  3. Just thought I should share it for those bright times at night :P What exactly does this app achieve? Well as you see stock roms, modified ones and many after market custom roms have a default limit to your minimum brightness levels. It can still be bright and fairly annoying at night, so what this app does is give you an advanced option to lower your brightness to a more reasonable level. This app is spot on to its description and is useful, hasn't crashed or bugged out a single time for me so I thought it'd be a good idea to share it and of course I didn't develop this. So if you want to check it out, only a few hundred kbs, here's the link below: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pt.bbarao.nightmode
  4. I find this much better than the present ply store this is lighter, smoother and much user friendly.
  5. I use ubermusic, metro like ui super smooth and has option to turn off album art. but if the song itself has a titled artist it'll download a correct.bio about the singer and a background pic for the track.
  6. in my free time, yeah I could mess around (: and see what I could make.
  7. Minimal Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. ;) I'm back, good stuff here. Tried this and its superb. Great Jaimes.
  9. Little Snaggy have been using the latest version since it came out. No clean install just over written install. Only happens when I run mxplayer and during the movie I press lock it'll buzz up... a quick reboot fixes it... since then I haven't seen it but seems good. Been a while.since I've checked in modaco.
  10. As Khan said the reboot problem is only for some people.nice can clock any ROM to 1228Mhz and play a hard game or so anything and it won't reboot...
  11. [Offtopic] hello Kyan, I was told you're 14 right? You have been doing an amazing job, I have a few stuff you might want to try out... but I will get to you when its done ;D from my Jelly Bean ROM.. (not released) you have dome an outstanding work on this rom, I personally chose this ROM over mine and told my friend to install it since then he's loving his phone more then ever... kudos to you mate.
  12. what do you mean by this? Is it the UK render thats slow or the device itself running slow? And great job again! Kudos
  13. haha bored enough, that's all that can be confirmed... booting... interesting...
  14. hahaha I have a candy shop. Meh... Is this actually a cyanogenmod 7 build... I don't really see the point theres cm9 well the more the merrier.
  15. that's unusual I've never gotten issues. Have u trued the latest apex
  16. Its seems the latest apex launcher is really on smooth on r5 literally no lags and only on stock clock 1008mhz...
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