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  1. Updated, new link, have fun, and please don't tell me that this one doesnt work lol, all tested so no worrys.
  2. Everything's working... Boot fixed : Packaging error. Added Notes for quick notes. Updated everything Optimized battery life and performance. Enabled Sleep collapse : experimental, see how it goes... New boot from my AOKP. Slim When you launch into the ROM, the icons may not be where its meant to be placed, just place it back or leave it ... Apex has made icon selection changes... I am currently uploading.
  3. and who are these *other people*, and does it actually make any difference on b952?..
  4. Please guys stop with the argument s..its just a ROM... it was a packaging error... the ROM didn't repack properly...
  5. Sorry I will fix this straight away just wait 24 hours.. just dont download the new build yet guys.. some problems. I will have to test everything perfectly before releasing as its my fault aswell
  6. Yes lately I have made so much mistakes... if you are so concerned why not help me or make something which would help me... im really busy with life and yet try to develop, the ROM is working its just some things gone wrong... I have two of this version both same. Just this has minor edits. And yes I have childish mistakes since I'm 15....
  7. O tried installing this on my brothers phone since he was too baggy with cm10 saying things are broken... and it installed.. ill see what's wrong... thanks for notifying... if our on twrecovery try cm recovery or cwm recovery
  8. Stop with these pointless threads please, all reports of bugs can be done on the IRC or the main thread, also this bug has been already reported... no need for a new thread. Have a good day and happy new years.
  9. Since you are rooted and having cwm installed and you are on my old ROM xD, all you have to do is choose a ROM you would like to try.. Download the preferred ROM, transfer the rom to your SD card. Boot into cwm I'm sure you know how to do so, now choose wipe data / factory reset and and select yes... Once done now choose Install .zip from SD card. And select your preferred rom, install it and reboot. But note you should do a backup since your a newbie and something may go wrong, most likely won't... I can't say which ROM is the best, for that you have to be the judge.. And also don't get confused when people state "you have to be on this firmware baseband 2030", if you are on legacy ICS, I'm sure that's 2030, because all ROMs being released are 4.0.3 above containing the new baseband "2030" so you don't have to worry about anything... if you need more help ask me and I'll be sure to help you out.. if you did not understand me clearly just notify me and I'll rephrase it all. Thanks : Krish
  10. the mod doesn't work it just says but doesn't make any difference to me in anyway.
  11. You guys are saying this device can handle it... think again .. there are legacy low devices my old phone has jb running and its only a 500mhz fone no GPU lol... So shutup saying this phone can't handle you might jinx the situation...
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