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  1. Well, they will just come. If you really want one, then consider donating them the device. Or simply give them some cash (donation) or perhaps ask? But the G300 already has many talented devs. I really don't see the point. I would start to develop for this device once again but I doubt I'll put enough effort into it.

  2. [NOTE]
    This is the font that many users had asked for.
    And I finally decided to pull these fonts out of the .zip.
    Note the attached file containing the fonts IS NOT A FLASHABLE ZIP!!!
    ​This will work on any ROM.
    [✦] AOKP E FONTS
    [✦] First download the fonts zip.
    [✦] Extract the contents to the root of your SD Card. (Fonts)
    [✦] Copy the two Fonts "Regular and Bold" from the SD Card.
    [✦] Navigate to "/system/fonts" and paste.
    [✦] You will be prompted with a replacement of original.
    [✦] Replace the two files and Reboot.
    post-992477-1356257020791_thumb.jpg post-992477-13562569958923_thumb.jpg post-992477-13562569819655_thumb.jpg


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  3. This is a development section. The question shouldn't have been asked here. Crowding up this section isn't what we need. But now for info. Android 4.4 is optimised to run faster and is compatible with a device with a ram of 512mb Officially. No update will be released for this device, but as one user pointed out that the new cyangenmod is to come but its under development so there's only pre builds and alphas. But the answer to your question is maybe its up to the devs to work on :)

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  4. Hello. Cannot disable navigation bar, and wen i receive a text message i dont get the text message highlighted. How to fix this?
    To remove the navigation bar, download and install a root browser, then go into /system using the root browser, look for build.prop and open it up, look for a line saying " qmenu.hw.maikeys=0 " and delete it and save it. Make sure root permissions are set up correctly or it won't work. Once saved, reboot your device.
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