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  1. I downloaded it today using solidfiles. Its disgusting that most of the filesharing is blocked -_- Use a VPN :P
  2. Thanks bro !! :) I was searching for a fix and found this :- http://www.modaco.co...pecial-edition/ Same thing as you said !! :D Thanks for your reply though... :)
  3. Yes I have the Ferrari Special Edition... :( So no fix. :'( Got my wi-fi working after factory reset and cache wipe. My phone's battery drained after I browsed google play for almost 3hrs. Charging now ! Thanks for your help ! :) :D
  4. Got CM9 installed today after struggling for months !!! Love it. I feel my Liquid Faster. Facing some problem. 1. The battery indicator keeps on flashing. Red exclamation mark in battery on home screen."Connect your charger" in lock screen. Tried to wipe battery status in CWM Recovery but no result. Phone works fine. 2. Wi-fi disconnects, to reconnect I have to turn it off and on again . Any help would be apreciated ! :) Thank you thepasto for this CM9 !! :D
  5. Hello, please help me. I rooted my device using Malez Recovery, but when I run Titanium Backup, it shows the message,"Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges"
  6. Hey, I flashed my acer, but now when I switch on the phone, it shows the acer logo then the empty battery with a red triangle and exclamation mark. When I connect it to pc it shows charging. If I press the power button it shows battery with a cord. What shoud I do further ??
  7. Do you know how to flash Acer ??? I used Acer A1 DL Tool to flash it but it cannot detect the device. Where will I get the correct .bin file ?
  8. Hello, I have an Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition. Android Eclair. I wanted to upgrade it to Froyo. I downloaded it from the acer website. It was OS_Acer_4.005.04.AAP.G2F_A22F_LiquidE Ferrari. Used the Acer Liquid Tool Setup Wizard. The upgrade stopped after sometime and asked me to "Remove the battery for 10 seconds. Turn on your Acer and connect it to a PC". I followed but the upgrade again stopped after 50% with the same instruction. Now my phone is completely blank. When I press the power button it vibrates once and nothing happens. I tried Power + Vol. Down + Camera, it vibrates 3 times then released these 3 buttons and again Power + Camera. But still nothing happens. I cannot get into Recovery. I tried to flash it with Acer A1 DL Tool. It starts to flash but a pop up comes out "connect to pc" My phone is not rooted. Please find a way out !!.. Please help me.
  9. Anyone with solutions ?? I tried to upgrade but upgrade stopped. Phone - Acer Liquid E Ferrari Edition. Completely blank, nothing happens when i press power button. Cannot enter recovery, pc does not show any recognition. But once when i pressed "<"+"Vol.Down"+"Power" then pc recognized it and started installing drivers. That time I tried to flash it using Acer A1 DL Tool. But that also stopped.
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