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  1. I can't open the gapps download, its just a blank page. Any chance You can try and link it again, cheers
  2. I can't open the gapps download, its just a blank page. Any chance You can try and link it again, cheers
  3. I'm another one who can't get the play store to work. Tried installing a phonesky.apk but it wouldn't parse. Then tried copying it to system/app, but that didn't work either. Not sure if the phonesky.apk was the right version as I couldn't find it in the gapps zip so downloaded one off xda. Also drive crashes unless WiFi is turned off. Came from 10.2 with full wipes, any ideas? Edit: found the phonesky.apk in the gapps zip, extracted it and installed it but the play store isn't working still
  4. This is the Google Experience Launcher as used on the nexus 5. You need to update Google search to version 3.1 (available in the Play store), then install the apk below. GoogleHome.apk
  5. N4 KitKat factory ROM available from Google https://dl.google.com/dl/android/aosp/occam-krt16o-factory-75ccae7a.tgz
  6. Just noticed the play store has had an update from 3.10 something to 4.0.26. Same but different, now with added pretty colours. Just a heads up :-)
  7. ES file explorer has changed, not sure if I like the new look, was one of my favourite apps before the update. Not sure what has changed and what has stayed. Any thoughts on the new version, would be interested to hear.
  8. I had filled emmc with music, which disappeared after a clean install of cm10.1, it had survived several cm OTA updates.
  9. Gsmunlock now have a website http://gsmunlockshop.co.uk/ I've used them to unlock 5 G300's, when they were on ebay. Never had any problems.
  10. Yeah, just a dodgy backup, failed the same spot before and after wipes. No bother, clean install and everything is good again. Thanks for your help :-)
  11. Well I did what you suggested, and my imei was there using stock+ ROM. On restoring the nandroid backup it errored. Booted anyway and I got a strange mix of vanilla cm10.1 and some restored parts/apps ect. Can't seem to install things from the play store now either , get a -24 error code. Probably best to do a clean install and see what happens.
  12. Just noticed my imei is 0, running latest cm10.1 and the hspa11 flash. Phone seems be working ok, is it safe to leave it on zero or best to try and restore it? I do have an imei backup, but just wondering if it's needed as phone is working and as reported above is probably still there just not visible to the cm rom.
  13. Been using R3 for couple of days now, OTA'ed from R2, and it does seem to of sorted a lot of the craziness out. Battery seems good, games play smoothly, the UI and keyboard both snappy and responsive. No network problems at all. Very usable indeed. Big thanks to Daz and gang, as always.
  14. +1 for giving the bloke a break. Ffs what's it all about? Daz won't be holidaying in the Bahamas off the back of G300 donations. Its a s*** phone from last year, get over it. If you all were happy with the stock Huawei ROM there wouldn't of been a need for any development at all! But we all know Huawei ICS is more experimental than anything daz has released. Be grateful you have cm10.1 on your phones at all. Truth is we have all had extra life and bragging rights from this phone because of daz and his time consuming, laborious hard work and effort. Into a phone he doesn't even own! I used to look forward to reading through this thread, now I find it embarrassing and a bit cringe. Some of you need to have a word with yourselves. @Daz, respect bruv, the G300 would of been totally sh*t without you. Nuff said.
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