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  1. try this one http://ulozto.cz/xMpvGAKw/cm-10-2-20131019-nightly-u8815-zip
  2. for me its cm-10.2-20131019-NIGHTLY-u8815 .. cause only troubles with 3.4 kernel .. this is last 3.0.8 kernel build and everything works fine :)
  3. on which last version wi-fi hotspot works? thnkx
  4. is working somebody on possibility to overclock on 3.4 kernel ?
  5. is overclocking working on experimental CM 11??
  6. overclock still not possible with cm-10.2-20131106-NIGHTLY-u8815 ??? cause it doesnt work for me :( (after all wipes etc.)
  7. hello, i just installed cm-10.2-20131021-NIGHTLY-u8815 .. I have a 2030 baseband but I cant overclocking CPU more than 1008 .. so do you think its a problem of this CM version or something on my phone?
  8. Hey, whats up .. with cm-10.2-20131020-NIGHTLY-u8815 and cm-10.2-20131021-NIGHTLY-u8815 I cant go with my CPU higher then 1008 .. there is no more posibilities. Anybody?
  9. Iam after cm-10.2-20130920-NIGHTLY-u8815.zip stuck on bootanimation.
  10. thnks for info I revert to cm-10.2-20130914-NIGHTLY and everything works fine .. dus40: not yet .. read some previously msgs
  11. last nightly and Iam stuck on bootlogo :(
  12. Yeah Camera saving time is really terrible .. i try also JB+ camera but same issue .. any ideas ? anyway thnx for great ROM man! when I add Aplication in blinking .. I cant change the color of blink :( .. so my SMS/MMS app can be only white

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