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  1. Hey guys! I edit the System UI .apk and change the icons. To install: -Put the donwloaded file in your ADB folder -With CMD go to the folder -Write on CMD: First: adb shell sysrw Next: adb push SystemUI.apk /system/app/ Finally: adb reboot Remember, put your phone in mode USB Debug After this, the phone reboot and you has got a new icons on the quick bar! :D Enjoy! Images(without quick settings): http://www.mediafire.com/view/?idf1dxujac4zbdv,o9ps7jzmx7ljtay,8whpjp2beqvz7od#idf1dxujac4zbdv http://www.mediafire.com/view/?o9ps7jzmx7ljtay# Pnly at Mediafire, if you can upload to internet i appreciate it n_n Download: With quick settings: http://www.mediafire.com/?2385wouvxvrnk40 Without quick settings: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?8whpjp2beqvz7od PD: Replace the name at SystemUI.apk Credits to me and einstein.frat PD2: I´m going to update with battery icons on green C: Pd3: I accept icons(100 icons to battery charging and 100 icons to battery without charging, and 1 to the battery without energy)
  2. I´m using one custom ROM(nameless ROM V7) and I don´t like quick settings on the statusbar. How to change to status bar of the stock rom?
  3. If your WIFI setting didn´t work you must make this manual C: First: Download this: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/70886680/file.html Next we were go to flash the boot img, put the HTC on bootloader mode, open CMD and put this on the folder with ADB and boot.img(cd YOURFOLDER Exlample: cd C:\Android) Next put this on CMD fastboot flash boot boot.img Try luck :P Sorry por the, gramatic? I am spanish :3
  4. No xD When you put CM9 on the SD go to Recovery Mode 1- wipe data/factory reset 2-wipe cache partition 3-install zip from sd card 4-choose zip from sd card 5-And then select your CM9.zip Y you finish this and can boot in CM9 reply me on this post n_n Or you can ad me to Google Talk xDD
  5. CM9 don´t flash, install of the recovery mode after makes de 2 WIPEs
  6. First wipe on recovery mode, next flash with emergency mode without start CM9 n_n
  7. @hecatae i has got a question for you. Why i need install drivers to use the USB? With gingerbread no, and my windows can´t install it PD: Good luck with your work n_n
  8. Deja de poner prisas, ninguno de este Tema trabaja en la ROM y además el creador trabaja como puede, que trabaja en más terminales http://cm9log.appspot.com/?device=e400 Ahí tienes la lista de cambios
  9. http://cm9log.appspot.com/?device=e400
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