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  1. Modzilla

    Your opinion,please !

    Agreed.. CM9 all the way, Dazzozo has worked his ass off to offer up a faster, more stable solution to stock ics and he's done an amazing job so far. Definitely look into trying it out, you won't be disappointed.
  2. Modzilla

    Google - PLEASE fix the next version of the Play Store!

    Definate +1 on the stalling downloads. So irritating.
  3. Unfortunately had to do this today after my SD card failed. I lost everything. :( Was running Daz's latest CM9 (which is an excellent ROM may i just add.) but needed to take the phone back to stock for a sale. I followed the instructions word for word. Had a few issues with the cdma tool on downgraded GB, but after letting the phone upgrade to stock voda ics (b936) on a zeroed IMEI, i tried again. This time it worked perfectly. I even successfully applied the OTA (B952) with no issues... YET! Oh, and my IMEI is still in tact. Anyway just wanted to say many thanks to Aradalienz and all the other devs involved for their hard work producing this workaround. Much appreciated guys. :D
  4. I added the nova launcher .apk to the archive and deleted the trebuchet .apk before saving and reflashing the zip. Not too sure if there will be any reprocussions, but it seems to work perfectly and so damn fluid right now. Amazed with this ROM atm. P.s. Don't think it's a network issue.
  5. Not sure but had the crash at first install, which locked up the phone. Worked fine after a battery pull so i tried a second clean install and rebooted after the initial load and saw no problems when connecting. Now here's the weird thing, i've just done a third clean install, same as before but swapped my launcher from Trebuchet to Nova because i found Trebuchet to be a little laggy and guess what... no wi-fi freeze even on first boot. Could this be a Trebuchet/launcher issue maybe???
  6. Don't know if this has already been stated guys, but a simple reboot after installation seemed to sort the wi-fi crash for me. (That is, a reboot before turning on wi-fi sorry) :)
  7. I had similar problem dan. Managed to resolve it by adding only the novalauncher.apk or whatever it's called. Don't add the settings.apk that is packaged in the swap file as there is already an apk of the same name in the system.app folder. Think this is where the conflict is. I also removed launcher2 from the system.app folder so android only recognizes Nova as the default launcher.
  8. Tillaz, now that you have disabled the scrolling cache, will this affect the smoothing of all apps or does it just apply to the system ui in general? Many thanks.
  9. Man, that feels buttery smooth so far tillaz and boot animation is spot on now. Great stuff fella and many thanks for your hard work. :)
  10. I don't think tillaz has patched the ota database as yet. It's nothing to worry about though.
  11. Have to say Tillaz, for me, this ROM just works! I read the advisory posts thoroughly and can safely say i've had no noticeable issues with the new B04 update or any prior to that. Many thanks and keep up the good work fella. (Will be throwing some funds your way a.s.a.p) :)

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