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  1. hello , in this morning i tried to root my huawei g510 , i have a proximity sensor problem and i need to root to disable the sensor . But i can't go to download mode (vol.up+vol.down+power) i get a pink screen and stuck at there.
  2. I have a little problem , i can't instal the latest update of this rom , i have an older version . When my phone restarts in recovery and choose to instal i get an error " signature verification failed " and the instalation aborded.....
  3. Hey guys , i have another problem with this software , some games aplication like POU have some problem like lagging , freezing or FC-ing , i have an old version of nightly build somebody knows if in the lattest still having this problem ??? Thx a lot!
  4. Hey guys , i instaled this software on my g 300 and now i have a big battery drain , only with voice calls (1 -1.5 hour daily) . My battery last for max 24 hours , seems like the voice calls drains my batery too fast and when i talk my phone seems to get a little hot , is there a way to fix this ??? I have the nightly build from 22/9 (20130922) Thanks a lot !
  5. After some uses , i think i detected the problem . When the phone write any files on sd everything its ok , if i put files using data cable , some files can't be used , played or isn't prezent where i put them . The second thing on the micro sd , the phone (i think) create a folder named "Lost directory" . I don't understand how the hell phone use the sd write/read ok ,and my pc don't :)
  6. Hello people , i come in front of you to get some help . A few days ago i got a new memory card for my Huawei G300 , its a kingstone 16 gb class 4 , but i can't play music or video from the sd card , i copy the files from computer , the phone show the files but when i try to play i get a mesage that he can't play them . Can anyway help me to seawhy the phone makes this ? Thx a lot.
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