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  1. As I wrote up there! I need help,guide... or somthing similar about customizing framework-res.apk's statusbar to make it look like ICS.I am making ICS alike rom for the Racer II (actually theming the stock to look like ICS)
  2. if not upgrading to gb,why dont we try porting froyo cyanogenmod or froyo miui to our racer IIs?
  3. Here is the kernel for zte racer 2 http://www.4shared.c...racerkerne.html Now i need some1 to make me miui rom plzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Or just tell me how to use the boot img kernel! so i can make myself rom I willl be veryyyyyyy gratefullll!!!
  4. theres something wrong with the boot image.how can i compile an image that will work booting gingerbread?
  5. can you try making me an update.zip Because im actually trying to upgrade from froyo to ginger. and this is for my phone i'm 100 % sure.i think that i have mistake in the update.zip.
  6. not working!in logcat everything is normal as it should be
  7. i made lots of roms none of them boots
  8. Hallo! I have ZTE RACER II. My OS version is Froyo 2.2.3 I found an update(image .bin) to upgrade to Gingerbread,but cant install it. The image is for ZTE RACER II I cant put my mobile in FTM mode i have tried every single combination with the buttons(because there aren't lots of them). Here is link of the image.bin www.zte.com.cn/endata/mobile/Turkey/Turkey_Instruction/201206/P020120629598461857134.zip And to unpack the image heres link for the app http://www.modaco.co...tract-imagebin/ if you cant extract the systemyaffs.img here's app too http://www.4shared.c...-eJAi/Yaff.html PUT THE SYSTEMYAFFS.IMG IN THE DIRECTORY WHERE YOU WILL EXTRACT THE Yaff.rar All i need is the guide to help me upgrade! SO PLEASE HELP ME!
  9. I tried to upgrade my anroid version from 2.2.3 to 2.3.Downloaded the zip from net and put it on sd card.Rebooted in cwm and flashed it.It didnt work and it also changed my cwm recovery.it installednewer version which isnt compatible with my phone.i tried to reflash my cwm but cant i dont have the right drivers.when i <fastboot flash recovery cwm.img> it says waiting for device and doesnt do a thing. I need the fastboot drivers for zte racer 2. Thank you!
  10. i made custom rom according to guide and tried to install it. "Installation aborted" appears when i select the rom. why i cant install it? i found rom minicm7 pro v21 and installed it.The installation passed quite well.I rebooted the phone and it stuck at vip logo not continuing.Why is this happening?
  11. ill try but how do i edit framework/ system ui with different graphics,
  12. Hallo I'm using ZTE Racer II and i cant find any custom rom for this device.If you know any please tell me. Thanks ahead
  13. can any1 plz post link and custom rom for RACER 2 thank you
  14. i fixed it with win 7 fastboot i couldnt do that before cause i had the wrong drivers
  15. i didnt lock it its locked since i bought it.its locked from factory
  16. any1 who has custom rom on your zte racer 2 plz let me know
  17. while using fasboot oem unlock it says: ... FAILED <remote: invalid command>
  18. Hallo Im using zte racer 2.rooted and installed cwm. i installed lots of roms but none worked.the device starts shows the green robot(android) and than resets. now all i need is to unlock the bootloader or installl engineering bootloader. Any1 plz tell me how to! Thank you. RACER 2 PPL STOP VIEWING PLZ TELL ME HOW TO INSTALL ENGINEERING BOOTLOADER OR UNLOCK THE ONE I HAVE! BTW i have tried fastboot oem unlock.Not working. I want to feel having a rom on my device
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