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    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    I'm having problems with 2 camera apss i use. One is barcode scanner from zxing team ("sorry, the android camera encountered a problem. You may need to restart the device") The seccond is Camera on TV from RSC. It FC's the second i push "start service". Also XBMC gives me this error when i run it: "Error! Cannot parse CPU features." Anyone else experiencing similar problems? Will anyone try one of above apps to see if it's a rom problem or if my setup is to blame?
  2. I read my entire post twice to see if i said i did just an update. Dind't say that whatsoever.. Read once more to see if i said i did all wipes... Yup, i said i did all wipes...
  3. I gave up on cm10.1 on my g300 about 3 weeks ago, maybe a month. Then i unlocked my bootloader officially. Last night i saw cm10.1 nightlyes and gave it a try thinking my original problem with 3g data will be gone (i'm not talking about reboots). It's still draining my battery way faster than it should be. And it's not in my head. When i use any app (opera mini, chat programs ...) that uses data, my phone gets a lot hotter than it should. I was thinking that unlocking my bootloader the official way would solve it... but it didn't. EDIT: I'm on vodafone ro, came from b952 from huawei site, officialy unlocked bootloader, twrp Did all wipes. No backups restored. EDIT2: Just browsing on opera mini (not very demanding app i imagine) at 03:16 56% battery. At 03:22 47% battery and this is not just this time. I can reproduce it every time with almost any app that uses data. And no.. on stock roms this does not happen. I don't think it's my phone. Maybe my network is to blame....
  4. Nope. The 2gb partition stays intact.
  5. That's the first thing i did. Tried it and it didn't work. This morning i received a second reply with the correct code and this time it worked. Forgot that after bootloader unlock it does a wipe... so that's something to remember :)
  6. Don't be alarmed. It's not f*cked up. Install any official rom (update.app) and you will see the serial number is ok. Plus it's not the same s/n from under the battery. The same goes for IMEI (at least for me it does). I had imei 0 after dazzozzo's CM10.1 but after i installed official b952 it showed up also. in another train of thoughts, i just received an email from huawei and they also gave me network unlock code instead of bootloader code. I have sent a second email requesting once again the bootloader code. Let's hope this time will be the right code.
  7. I tried to change ro.ril.hsxpa=0 to disable hsdpa and only enable umts for 3g connection but it doesn't do anything. is there another line i have to edit in build.prop? What's the correct option for this to happen? EDIT: I have searched and searched and i only found this solution. Is there anything else that i can do to enable only UMTS? To be more specific i want this: "ro.ril.hsxpa=0 - UMTS r99"
  8. Why does this happen? A lot of spikes going up... With no charging.
  9. A quick question.. Is it possible to disable HSPA and only use UMTS for 3g connection? I searched everywhere and did not find any solution. I am one of those people that have huge battery drain on 3g and was wondering if this could help.
  10. He probably ment settings > system > quick settings panel > tiles and layout.
  11. I think my simcard got replaced aprox. a year ago. Why do you ask?
  12. For those who have fast battery drainage issues on 3g, please try to add in build.prop "ro.ril.fast.dormancy.rule=0" - \w quotes Just add a new line at the bottom. For me it seems that it improves tings but didn't have time to test it properly. This aparently disables fast dormancy. Currently i'm using b926 ril flashed over cm10. Please give some feedback. (i do not recomend to flash another ril, but for me it didn't breake anything)

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