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  1. http://huaweimobile.com.au/support/mobile-phones here you can find the official firmware dload GB & ICS
  2. and to use the adb command the best tool for it is minimal adb tools, just google it, its a download link over at xda download the original logo.bin, place the logo.bin where you installed minimal adb tools C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB Tools then start minimal adb tools and write fastboot flash logo logo.bin, that should do the trick
  3. flash the logo.bin without the warning screen, if you cant flash because the bootloader is locked, unlock it again, flash the logo.bin and lock the bootlaoder back again
  4. Do you have the latest software? 176.44.1
  5. :P Just asking around, not needing to have an iphone clone but knowing where to buy one or at least good reliable shops where to buy fake china phones, i heard about fastcardtech and that it isnt so good
  6. I know all that but I don't care, it should just look like an iPhone. xD Most of them I saw on fastcardtech.com, pretty good specs, dual core 1.2 or 1.3 even quad cores, 1 or 2 gb of ram, 8 - 32 gb space, rest doesnt matter, also they had JB on them I think.
  7. I want to buy an iPhone 5S Clone or Replica (Fake) yes, for someone who is a big iphone fan. It would be cool because it would have the google play store. Anyone knows where i can find one? No rush, i plan to buy it only next year, here are some specs that the phone should have it should be dual or quad core, look like ios7 and not be more than 200€ and it should perform good like the g300 or even better haha, an antutu score would also be much apreciated ive seen a couple like thunderbird i5s or goophone s5 and some other but maybe someone who knows good china phones or so could tell me which one to buy.
  8. I don't know, flashing the update.app worked for me at least, any other update.app didnt work at all.
  9. SOLVED: Use for GB or ICS the update.apps from here http://huaweimobile.com.au/support/mobile-phones this is what i get with EVERY update.app similar problem to this problem: http://www.modaco.com/topic/362999-attempting-downgrade-to-gingerbread/ Also, I can't seem to be able to boot into recovery. I have tried 3 Middle Packages, only 1 was succesful. 1. Downgrade from ICS to GB for Vodafone U8815 (B895) - Failure 2. U8815 middle package (1,52 kb) from here http://www.modaco.com/topic/355873-guidepossibly-a-new-rom-downgrade-upgrade-tool-found/ 4. U8815 V100R001C86B944 - SUCCES only middle package ANY SOLUTION? Also here is what i get from the sd_update.log filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app SD download finished! filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app new partition same as old. call RCV_MODULE_END_EVENT failed,module = OEMSBL_VER_LIST QCSBLHD_CFGDATA fail. OEMSBL_VER_LIST,is_rx_finish=0,is_operate_succ=1,current_operate=2 call dload_machine data process failed,module = QCSBLHD_CFGDATA QCSBLHD_CFGDATA fail. OEMSBL_VER_LIST,is_rx_finish=0,is_operate_succ=1,current_operate=2 call dload_machine data process failed,module = QCSBLHD_CFGDATA QCSBLHD_CFGDATA fail. OEMSBL_VER_LIST,is_rx_finish=0,is_operate_succ=1,current_operate=2 call dload_machine data process failed,module = QCSBLHD_CFGDATA QCSBLHD_CFGDATA fail. OEMSBL_VER_LIST,is_rx_finish=0,is_operate_succ=1,current_operate=2 call dload_machine data process failed,module = QCSBLHD_CFGDATA QCSBLHD_CFGDATA fail. OEMSBL_VER_LIST,is_rx_finish=0,is_operate_succ=1,current_operate=2 call dload_machine data process failed,module = QCSBLHD_CFGDATA CMD=0xf,moduleaddr = 0xf0000000, len_tmp=0x2524 dload_sd_ram_data_proc->(retry >= DLOAD_RETRY) failed!
  10. Thank you. Well no one did it, so i was first and someone probably is going to need or use it someday. haha
  11. I have made a PSD of the Motorola Moto G for everyone to use. You can use it and present your Screenshots or ROMs, it just looks really nice when you do it this way. Here is what it looks like and some examples: Download: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/72284734/file.html Update: Seems like the PSD was somehow corrupt and the Front Camera had a bug, that had been fixed and I have also added a better shine reflection, enjoy!
  12. well I installed cwm on my moto g, do you have to know on what rom it can achieve the best score in antutu? the highest i have seen was on your rom, infusion with the hybrid OC Kernel, and it was 18.245 do you also have simiar results or have u seen higher ones on other ROMs? I might use your rom soon if its the best :D
  13. Ok thanks, well i have 2 stock firmwares falcon_umts-faux123-kk-004u-signed which has recovery.img and Blur_Version.174.44.9.falcon_umts.Retail.en.DE which is ota update and looks like a custom rom inside the zip as the files and has no recovery.img I'll try the ones from xda to see if there is a recovery.img
  14. Didn't seem to work with 4.3 or 4.4.2, i have another question, will i be able to install official OTAs from Motorola even if i have a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM?
  15. It is already unlocked, i just want to have stock rom with root and be able to recieve future ota updates from motorola
  16. Thanl you tillaz, will report as soon as I get to it, i want to flash root and then still have stock recovery for later official ota updates Edit: Actually, tillaz, how will i be able to export the OFFICIAL recovery.img if i have to root by editing the recovery.img... xD what way is there to root by not editing the recovery.img in any way?
  17. Hello, I would like to know if its possible to take the stock recovery.img from my current ROM which is German Stock 4.4.2 and back it up for later use. I want to do this because i want to root my device and then return back to stock recovery. I have already tried something, btw my bootloader is unlocked. I installed thr official german 4.3, sideloaded the official german 4.4.2 and used cwm and rooted but then i looked in both zips of the stock roms and there was recovery.img only in thr 4.3 one so after rooting i flashed recovery.img which screwed everything, because another small official ota update, only 1.9mb which was already on 4.4.2 with 4.3 recovery and the phone booted normally and wanted to update that small ota update and after 1 min the phone restarted but it wouldnt go to the recovery and install the update it wpuld reboot over and over again My question is how can i back up the stock 4.4.2 recovery.img for later use, thanks in advance for amy helpful posts
  18. Originally by anerik at xda developers: Hello guys! I recently adquired this amazing phone and it was about time i made my own rom... So here i am sharing it with you guys! This is supposed to be an enhanced version of KitKat, hence the "+". Enjoy it and any suggestions are welcome Download KitKat+ 1.0 Features: -Based on 4.4.2 KitKat, should work on all variants, it's recommended to be on KK before installing this. -Stock kernel -Rooted -Busybox -Init.d support with databse defrags and zipalign apps on boot -Debloated -Nova Launcher -Stock camera and gallery with libs -CM11 messaging -Modded SystemUI icons -Changed default wallpaper -KitKat dialer icon -Updated most of the apps -Nexus 5 sounds -Multi DPI Play Store 4.5.10 -Adblock -There's possibly more i'm forgetting Screenshots: How to install 0. Recommended to be on kitkat before installing! 1. Move the rom to storage 2. Reboot cwm (twrp might work, i didn't try it) 3. Wipe data, cache and dalvik 4. Flash rom 5. Enjoy! The ROM does NOT fully work on dual-sim devices, radio does not work and i think you are not able to make calls. I do not know how to fix it, will take suggestions Changelog Credits anerik tillaz iB4STiD MyLifeRocks10 ilovetorresmo lowrider262 If you think you should be here or want me to stop using your work, please pm me Sidenote from me: I will be updating the ROM regularly if it gets any updates on xda and if you want to see other stuff about it just head to the actual thread over there: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2605824
  19. Excellent tutorial, thank you very much! My Moto G: KitKat 4.4.2 Bootloader Unlocked Rooted Nova Launcher Beta
  20. Go to system>build.prop look for low.ram=true and write false
  21. Hez Dazzozo, the latest nightly cm-11-20131220-NIGHTLY-u8815 does not work, not even starts, get system UI force close and also phone app, you cannot use it at all
  22. Hello, I want to edit a theme for CM and make it how I like it, If anyone with experience in CM Themeing can help me somehow, I have good Photoshop skills and I would be able to replace all pictures in an APK Theme, But I need a little bit of instructions, like what tools do I need? Some steps how to decompile a theme and then recompile.. Well if anyone has a little bit of time to help me with that, that would be great Thanks If I would succeed with this, I would accept Theme Requests and make themes for all of you, whatever you desire :D
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