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  1. I'm ready to move on from my Vowney V5 since the camera is poor and GPS is intermittent at best. I picked up my friends Galaxy Note and I loved the bigger 5.7" screen so I've decided to get something 5.5" or bigger. The Huawei Honor 3X or Xiaomi Redmi Note seem to have good reviews. Does anyone have experience with these? I am a fan of budget phones and that Coolpad looks good - is the Coolpad 5951 no good for UK networks? Any other recommendations?
  2. Your maths is not correct. It's a matter of scaling. To offer a counter example to your poorly thought out response (ie. using fixed sum instead of scaling): "Hello, I am interested in buying a Walmart leather belt for $18. Are there any other belts I should consider similar to this one?" "Yes get a Hugo Boss belt, it's only $319 more" "........."
  3. Well I wouldn't exactly call $181 to $500 "stretching the budget". I offer the following analogy: "Hello, I'm thinking of buying a Honda Civic. Are there any other cars you could recommend similar to this?" "Yes get a Ferrari" "....."
  4. Mi2S has a 4.2" screen.... Hongmi is $181 including delivery. What other phones are better for that price? (4.7-5" screen, good community support, MIUI etc)
  5. I still like my Vowney V5 and I'm absolutely sold on MIUI but the lack of good GPS and decent camera is getting annoying so it's time for a change. So what's the latest "best value" phone at the moment? (must have MIUI rom, GPS and very good camera!). I was thinking about the Xiaomi Red Rice and while I like the 5" screen of the V5, I could put up with a 4.7. Is the Red Rice (Hongmi) still as hot as it was when it was announced in the summer? Anything else I should consider? Thanks!
  6. I bought my Vowney in July and installed the custom ROM (repack) by tillaz straight away. GPS never worked but I didn't really miss it because I didn't use it that much. I wanted to try an MIUI ROM so 2 days ago I installed Miui Ver 3.11.8 from needrom and GPS now works right out of the box! It took 2 minutes to find a lock on the first attempt but I was in London yesterday and it found a lock on google maps within 20 seconds. Plus MIUI is very nice :)
  7. Thanks for making that spreadsheet dakok, it helped me narrow my choice down to the V5, Newman K1 and Xiaocai G6. I was about to order the V5 but I noticed you took it off your list in your latest version. Is it still a good option?
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