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  1. Hi, tried that, and I still just get the CM logo for ages... I may download a different update and try that Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I just installed 11-01 on my G510, then I tried to switch to the ART runtime (I'd read it had much better battery life). Now my phone wouldn't boot. It just showed the swirling coloured circles for about 1 hour then I gave up waiting. So I went into recovery mode, did a cache wipe, dalvik cache wipe, factory reset and then I got the CM logo but nothing else. I then tried the same steps again but reinstalled the 11-1 update. Same result. How can I get out of this? Thanks
  3. hi all, the text underneath the icons has gone from my home screens since the 0610 nightly. Any idea how I get them back? Thanks
  4. If I had any idea what the cryptic comments in the change logs meant, they might be helpful. I think they are only useful to the developers, comments like "43097ce Frameworks/base: DA translation" might as well be in Greek. I guess I can suck it and see and go back to the current build if there are any problems.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm on the 03/12 build which is the first one for a while that gives me good battery life and bluetooth behaving properly. I'm pretty happy with it. But is there any real advantage in moving to any of the later builds? If so which one? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, my phone has a fault on the microphone so I need to send it back to Vodafone. How do I reinstall the B193 ROM? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm on the 15.01 build. I can see that there are OTA updates available, but downloading fails every time. Anyone else had this problem and how was it fixed? Thanks
  8. I'm on the 2014-01-06 rom...has anything important changed in the nightlies since then? which one would people recommend if I am to update - looking for battery life and stability above outright performance. Thanks
  9. 06/01 seems generally stable to me, although for some reason now Google Calendar can't talk to the servers in the sky (or Utah or wherever they are)
  10. no it's not, it's a completely different animal...but still fast! This build seems much faster than 27/12...good work!
  11. No problem, I finally managed it following the instructions here: http://androidforums.com/ascend-all-things-root/774004-huawei-ascend-g510-development-thread.html#post6165643
  12. Is there a similar app for the G510? I just want to root my phone - and I can't find a simple reliable set of instructions anywhere - probably not looking hard enough, I know....
  13. Yes my phone runs as slowly as heck after the upgrade, especially the browser, which is virtually unusable. I hate it. The battery life is useless and wifi connection is unreliable. I much preferred 2.3.6 - is it possible to go back to that? Edit - I think the problem was my wireless router. It wasn't allocating IP addresses properly. So I think the phone was constantly trying to get an address, and using up its battery. I upgraded the router's firmware and everything now seems much better. Battery has only dropped a few percent overnight.
  14. Yes. No need for any other steps. I did that yesterday with no problems at all - using the full update version from page 1 of this thread, not the CWM version.
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